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Intel® Small Business Advantage – Download and try out the Intel® SBA SDK

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There are over 60 million small businesses containing fewer than 100 employees worldwide. The vast majority of them do not have an IT professional on staff, nor do they have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to take care of their computing assets. Intel now offers a Business Client platform for these companies; it is called the Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA.)

Windows 8: Have You Developed Your Apps Yet?

October 26 marks the official release of Windows 8, the hotly anticipated Microsoft operating system that (just like every other Microsoft OS release) is getting either rave reviews or a big thumbs down, depending on who you’re listening to. However, the developer community should be looking at this new release with anticipation, as the opportunities for app development are very exciting.

Ultrabook and Windows 8

Ultrabook and Windows 8 applicabilty

The best way one can discover ultrabook is using touch with windows 8,it is amazing how we touch those tiles with our fingers and it responds fast

Accelerometer usage,remeber that game in 2D (Pong i guess) where  a ball use to hit the wall and comeback to you and we use to change the place of stick to give direction,.Imagine playing the game with sensors giving shaking movement,engaging it will be.

Not a valid win32 application

After installing the latest IFC on my Windows 7 computer and compiling our code unter the 32bit compiler, the exe will not run on WinXP but will run on Win7.

Version 2013 update 1

When I try to run it in WinXP, it says, "Not a valid win32 application"

Windows 7 works just fine

On anotgher computer running windows 7, I have the IFC version of Build 20120410 and the code compiled on the 32bit compiler on that version works fine on WInXP and Win7.

Intel® Inspector XE 2013: автоматическая верификация и отладка в реальном времени

Тестирование и поиск ошибок – неотъемлемая и не самая интересная часть процесса разработки ПО. Для избавления себя от рутины этот процесс все стараются автоматизировать. И если для проверки функционала приложения создаются специализированные самодельные тесты, то поиск ошибок общего типа далеко не всегда ими покрывается. Проверяется ли, например, ваше приложение на наличие утечек памяти или гонок данных? В этой статье рассмотрим, как использовать обновлённый Inspector XE 2013 в двух ипостасях:

Convert vfproj from application to library

Sigh.  I just spent nearly an hour looking up everything and carefully setting all of the properties and directories in a project and realized that after I did it all that I had created an application vfproj instead of a library one.  Is there an easy way to convert between the two without me having to go back through and redo all of the settings?


*edit: replaced the vcproj with vfproj as pointed out by commenters*

This generic type bound procedure reference has two or more specific procedures with the same type/rank/keyword signature.

I am working with a list example in Intel Fortran on Windows (2013.0.089). However, the build halts with the following error:

1>X:\Fortran\Fortran2003\list_test\src\main.f90(30): error #8443: This generic type bound procedure reference has two or more specific procedures with the same type/rank/keyword signature.   [ADD]
1>compilation aborted for X:\Fortran\Fortran2003\list_test\src\main.f90 (code 1)

The project files are in the attached archive (same code for DPD200175597). Any thoughts?


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