Catastrophic error with v16.0/1 but not with v15.x


The update 1 and initial release of ifort v16 are leading to a catastrophic error during the compilation of a large fortran code (>100kLOC) while everthing is ok with v15.x.

For the same code, v15 takes about 5min to compiler the entire code and v16 try to compile during several hours, and then crashes (the same compilation option being used).

So there is definitely something going wrong with v16.

The problem is, I have no way to make a short reproducible example.

Moreover, I do not have an intel premium account. (with ompt support) cannot trigger ompt_intialize() in an offload openmp environment

I'm running an Intel MIC offload openmp application using openmp runtime (with ompt support, both the CPU side and the MIC side), while on the CPU side can trigger its ompt_intialize() and get profile data, on the MIC side cannot trigger its ompt_intialize(), so that I cannot get the profile data I want. I'm wondering where the problem is.

A Storage Framework for Cloud Storage Developers

To help storage OEMs and ISVs with the integration of hardware and software, Intel has created a set of drivers and a complete, end-to-end reference storage architecture, called the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK). This article provides a brief overview of the SPDK including how to obtain it.
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  • error on many cores run


    I have a code that works on a cluster when I use 6^3 = 216 cores, but the code crashes when I try to make it run with an higher resolution using a 12^3 = 1728 cores (all the parameters are the same except the grid spacing and the number of processors with which the code work).

    We tried to see if it is a memory issue but even running the job with 16 tasks per nodes (108 nodes) didn't help.
    I cannot debug the program with something like totalview because of the limit of processes these debuggers can manage.

    Iscriversi a Linux*