Event API

The event API is used to observe when demarcated events occur in your application, or to identify how long it takes to execute demarcated regions of code. Set annotations in the application to demarcate areas where events of interest occur. After running analysis, you can see the events marked in the Timeline pane.

Memory Bandwidth

Metric Description

This metric shows how often CPU could be stalled due to approaching bandwidth limits of the main memory (DRAM). Consider improving data locality in NUMA multi-socket systems.

String Handle API

Many API calls require names to identify API objects. String handles are pointers to names. They enable efficient handling of named objects in run time and make collected traces data more compact.

Window: Summary

The Summary window is your starting point of the performance analysis with the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier . To access this window, click the Summary sub-tab in the result tab.

The Summary window provides the overall statistics for the application run and includes the following sections:

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