Problem with installation of the compiler!

Dear All:

   I have try to update my fortran compiler ifort from Ver 9.1 to the newer version on my SGI Altix 4700 workstation, the OS is SUSE. I downloaded the  Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013, However, after running ./, the following error happend:

The package does not support the platform it being run on.

Please check to be sure the correct architecture of package has been downloaded.


Slowness when writing many records to a direct access file

When writing records to a direct access file I am finding that the Intel Fortran compiler is much slower than my 17 year old Watcom Fortran compiler running exactly the same code. In fact the Intel compiler is around 10 times slower!! This doesn't seem right to me. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong in the code segment below? Note that if CASES=1970 and BMS=5167, it is writing over 10 million records and this is taking around 8 minutes on my I7 laptop, whereas the ancient Watcom compiler does it in less than a minute.

CALL for attention and discussion: recent paper comparing an equation solver implementation in Fortran vs C++ vs Python

Fortran enthusiasts may have seen and/or be interested in the findings and observations in a recent open literature publication by Arabas, et al. at the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Warsaw.  Here’s the link to this paper:

Fortran Preprocessor: #endif creates a blank line

Hi ,

I have a quick question regarding the #ifdef and #endif for preprocessing. I have the following code piece in my fpp file:

#ifdef USE_SIMD
              !DIR$ SIMD
              do i = is, ie
                dF(i + offset_kj) = dF(i + offset_kj) + value * F(i + offset_ii)
              end do


After preprocessing, I got the following code piece in the f90 file:

Building a Modeless Dialog Box in 64 bit DLL

I currently have a 32 bit DLL which opens a modeless dialog box.  I want to recompile it as a 64 bit DLL but I get errors at runtime (First-chance exception at 0x772a7eb8 (ntdll.dll) in Dialog_Dll_Exe_New.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xffffffffef4a0000) and the dialog box fails on initialization.  Bare-bones code is below.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Steve

profmerge fail: *** glibc detected *** profmerge: double free or corruption

Up to Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 2 for Linux*

If the profmerge tool is executed for a series of *.dyn files it might fail:

$ profmerge -prof_dir .
warning #30021: File './yyy.dyn' corrupt, ignored.
*** glibc detected *** profmerge: double free or corruption (top): 0x0000000000eb5460 ***
======= Backtrace: =========


Root Cause:
This only occurs if one *.dyn file is of size 0, e.g.:

  • Sviluppatori
  • Linux*
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Intel® Composer XE for Linux*
  • fail
  • profmerge
  • Iscriversi a Fortran