Push Notifications - Urban Airship PhoneGap plugin

I've installed this plugin locally and configured app settings based on documentation.  When I go to build I get an error message. (See below).

I used the ID from the plugin.xml but not sure if thats the correct one.  Has anyone else had success using this plugin?  What other options for push notifications are there now that AppMobi is deprecated?

Blank White Screen

So building my first app with the Intel XDK. Everything was going great until I went to actual device testing (Not using the preview app or the emulator). No matter if the build is for iOS or Android it returns a blank white screen after the app is opened. Any advice or fixes would be greatly appreciated!

How can I debug 3rd party plugin

var val='';
app.mytokenId = function(val){
    "use strict" ;
    var fName = "app.mytokenId():" ;
//    app.consoleLog(fName, "mytokenId="+val) ;
    window.plugins.pushNotification.unregister(app.successHandler, app.errorHandler);

} ;

       app.successHandler = function(result) {
             "use strict" ;
            var fName = "app.successHandler():" ;
           app.consoleLog(fName ,"result = " + result);
        //app denied permission to receive and display push messages in Android.

start MCU server


I'm trying to install the MCU server version 2.1.1
I get an error on the console when I try to start the server with this command bin/ Before I did carefully all the steps suggested in the MCU server UserGuide.

the log file woogeen-nuve.stdout shows the following information:

Google Map Widget with service method with single selection

Dear sir,

Understand how to follow Tutorial Video to display multiple POIs with Google Map Widget.

The questions I have:

1. how to provide interactive javascript with Google Map Widget when user select one POI? I would like to provide more info with selected POI. For example, the address or phone number.

2. How to use LiveView and select one POI item and display the POI with Google Map Widget? How can I modify the widget to accept only one selected POI?


Regards, Daniel

如何基于英特尔® x86平台开发和评价64位安卓* 应用


现在,越来越多的移动最终用户设备支持 64 位架构。 使用 64 位安卓*系统是打入市场的理想方式。 本文将介绍英特尔® 64 位架构上的安卓系统及其独特的功能,其中包括技术详情、性能优势、问题说明,以及可用于英特尔® 凌动™ 处理器平台上的安卓系统的解决方案。

英特尔将继续针对其 64 位处理器推出领先的全新特性。 希望利用英特尔® 高级加密标准新指令(英特尔® AES-NI)以及其他创新技术的开发人员,只需在 64 位模式下对其应用进行编译即可。 英特尔正在优化面向 64 位架构的安卓系统,并创建能够为高级开发人员带来出色 CPU 功能的 SDK。

借助谷歌最近发布的 x86 64 位安卓 5.0 模拟器映像,开发人员能够针对基于英特尔凌动的设备创建 64 位应用。

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  • How to change change color of button when button is clicked down inside App Framework?

    The default color inside  app framework with htlm5 + cordova when pushing down buttons seems to be white when emulating for iphone atleats. I've managed to change the normal color of the button with something similar to background: blue !important;

    However, i dont want the button to be white when keypressed/keydown/onfocus or w/e i'm supposed to use to change this? anyone else managed to change this? If anyone knows how this can be done that would help alot! thanks! 

    Some questions about intel xdk

    I've got a good number of questions about intel xdk that just plain haven't worked ever since i started using xdk (about a year ago now).

    I've looked at the settings under the little gear icon.

     On the general tab, adding anything to Excluded File Types and then hitting save, seems to not save anything added and just reverts to default.

     On the services tab, checking Minify/obfuscate generate code, and then submitting a project to be built, for like android, and then downloading the build and unzipping it, and checking the code, nothing is minified or obfuscated.

    SHA1 error at google play

    I've tried to upload a new version of my app  to Google Play, but  I get this message


    Upload failed

    You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificate(s) with fingerprint(s):

    Iscriversi a HTML5