cordova plugin framework tag


I'm using Badge plugin :

the latest update, enables the badge icon on android app but the build failed.
After some investigations i found the problem, due to framework tag in plugin.xml that does not seem to be parsed during the build.
Any other users are experiencing an identical problem ?

Is there any solution ?

Cordova 4.1.2 build - Android.



Back Button

I have this html line, but when I clicked on back button nothing happens

<a href="javascript:" data-rel="back" data-transition="flip"><i class="fa fa-chevron-left"></i></a>

I appreciate any comments ASAP, thanks in advance.

Adsense and cookies?

Hi all, 
I've just received an email from Google regarding AdSense and Cookies.

i have apps on appstore that uses admob, must i put some notification in the app that it uses cookies?

can somone explain this for me?

i think the best bet would be to make a popup with a yes or no, and if someone chooses no, the the app closes?

any ideas? 

Google Ads Policy Team 
Dear Publisher, 

Iscriversi a HTML5