feature request: 4:3 videos on a 16:9 mix


I was looking forward to being able to fit 12 320x240 webcams inside of 1 1280x720 mix-mode encode, as it fits perfectly mathematically. I was also hoping to be able to fit 12 480x360 webcams inside of 1920x1080 mix mode.

However, I find that if I set the json layout to "left: 0", the software assumes the video is in widescreen, so a black bar is placed to the left.

If I must pretend all media is widescreen, that only leaves 9 videos capable at 240p inside of the 720p mix.

Building Intel® XDK Cordova* Hybrid Apps

Describes the steps needed to prepare and build your app for final testing and distribution. build an Intel XDK HTML5+Cordova project into a hybrid mobile app. The build process uploads your local project source code and Apache Cordova* plugin files from your local development system to the Intel® XDK cloud-based build system, which creates a binary bundle. You download the binary bundle to your development system, install it on test mobile devices, and eventually submission to app stores.

How many connections possible?

Hi I was just wondering how many connections this can handle?

I'm interested in non-mixing mode and mixing mode. Are there certain client browser connection limits to take into consideration?

If it is entirely just dependant on your server and bandwidth available, then I would be really happy. But if it has some kind of hard limit, I would like to know beforehand. Has there been any testing of this?

Collegamento della fotocamera 3D Intel® RealSense™ con Intel® Edison - JavaScript

With the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and SDK, we can create applications that can perform gesture detection, facial analysis, background segmentation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, and more. With the Intel® Edison platform IoT developer can build prototypes that gather sensor information or send control to other devices and create innovative products. In this article we will be using Intel® RealSense™ technology JavaScript Framework to send hand gesture data to server and server will send those data to trigger buzzer and led connected by Intel® Edison.
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