Convert so file to x86 from armeabi?

I have an Android project that has an so lib file from a third party spell checker I use. (My app is the only downloadable keyboard for Android Wear, so the system spell checker is not available.) I don't have the source for the library, and have so far failed to get it.

Can an so file be decompiled so it can simply be recompiled into an X86 version? If so, how? Without this, I simply can't support Intel based Wear smartwatches. (Fossil and Tag Heuer)

Installing Intel haxm error Windows 10 - Enable Intel VT-x


I'm trying to Install Intel Haxm for Android Studio but i'm getting an error saying that my Intel VT-x is not turned on. I have googled a bit and tried different solutions but it isn't working for me. 

I am using Windows 10 that has a i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz. I have the BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. E1756IMS. 105, and the BIOS mode of Legacy. I'm using a GE70 0NC system model for MSI. 

What I have tried: 

I tried turning off Avast to download Haxm but it still shows up the error. 

Game development for mobile devices using HTML5


HTML5 is a great choice for cross-platform mobile game development because games have to run and perform the same across all mobile platforms. Game development using HTML5 will reduce development time for multiple platform and will makes the gaming experience consistent across different mobile platforms like Apple iOS*, Android* and Microsoft Windows*.

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  • Sound problem in Recorded Video

    We have implemented recording the conference but, the sound quality of recorded video is very poor. We have noticed that, quality of sound during conference is not  same as recorded video sound. There is very noise and sound  breaking in recorded video.

    Is there any way to control or improve the quality of sound in recorded video. We have used default settings of server.

    Please help us.

    CS_WebRTC_Conference_Server_Peer.v2.8.1 package has not /bin/peerserver file

    As CS_WebRTC_Conference_Server_User_Guide.v2.0_0 introduce:

    Run the following commands to launch the peer server: 

    cd PeerServer-Release-xxxxx

    bin/peerserver &

    but when i decompression the package CS_WebRTC_Conference_Server_Peer.v2.8.1, there is not bin directory, how can i start peer server.

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