Indie Game Month Introduces Game Development to Phoenix Comicon

We recently teamed up with Game CoLab, a local game development incubator, to organize 4 events across the majority of May 2015.  This series of pilot events, dubbed “Indie Game Month” was geared towards opening the world of self-driven game development to new developers by augmenting their skills, helping them make connections, and showing them how to make rapid progress.  Here’s a quick summary of the events, with the list of games below.

Intel Software Day 2015 - Salvador (Conteúdo)

The Intel Software Brazil held on 12 and 13 June 2015 the Intel Software Day 2015. This year the event moved from air and was held in Salvador, being welcomed by Senai - Cimatec . and its excellent infrastructure
During the event were held five trails of lectures focusing on Android, RealSense / Windows, IoT, HPC and startups with high-level professionals, and presentations of demos and networking among participants.

Intel® System Studio 2016 Beta for FreeBSD* Beta

Intel® System Studio (ISS) 2016 Beta for FreeBSD* provides a comprehensive embedded tool suite solution for developing, optimizing, tuning and deploying 64-bit system and application C, C++ code running natively on FreeBSD* host systems. This product release includes the following components:

  • Intel® C++ Compiler 2016 Beta for FreeBSD* systems
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier 2016 Beta for Systems for FreeBSD* Targets



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  • OpenMP scheduling overhead and analysis

    Hi, all

    I was programming with OpenMP,  and some points are not clear to me. 

    1) Does OpenMP of Intel has better performance than the GCC version? If it is true, how much benefit can Intel version gets?

    2) will  OpenMP compiler and runtime introduce barrier or memory fence operations? How to measure the overhead of these operations.

    3) Does the overhead of scheduling in OpenMP increases with the increasing of thread number? Are there some methods to measure the overhead? (Either intel or GCC version is ok.)

    物联网——分析:使用英特尔® 物联网分析网站进行数据挖掘

    作者:Ben Lieberman 博士

    互连物理设备为企业与个人带来了全新的机遇,能够帮助他们加强对环境的控制。 现 在,只需要一部智能手机,我们就可远程控制家庭、汽车和工作场所。 借助这种高度的 连接性,我们可以收集这些设备的海量数据,更加具体而言,设备的嵌入式传感器所提供 的信息。 这些针对温度、加速度和位置等方面的传感器可提供稳定的数据流,但如果没 有一套功能强大的分析方法,这些数据所发挥的效用将会非常有限。 本文及其姊妹篇将 介绍英特尔® 物联网 (IoT) 分析仪表盘,并展示如何使用该站点从大量遍布各地的设备 传感器汇集、整理和简化大规模数据挖掘。


    互连设备的功能一直呈指数级增加。 移动设备、无处不在的网络连接以及功能强大的 经济型应用层出不穷,为人们实现互联创造了无尽的可能,并带来了许多前所未有的新方 法。 十年前,谁能预料到社交媒体如此迅猛发展? 同样,我们现在所处的社会,连接费 用已大幅降低、无线通信随处可用,各种机器设备之间也可直接通信。 这是一个物联网 的世界。

    收集与分析遍布各地的设备传感器数据成为了物联网发展过程中的一个显著增长点。 设想一下,道路中内置温度传感器的数据收集。 这些传感器均通过有线或无线连接至当 地的

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