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inspxe-inject not creating specification file

I'm running the command inspxe-inject -save-spec=file.spec -- make all

The program runs (very quickly) with no error messages.

When I look in file.spec this is all I see:


#Source Checker Build Specification Format, version 1.0.0


When I run "make all" from the same directory, it runs correctly.

The make files are being created by cmake, and at this time I do not have the ability to modify them.


I am using Centos-7 Linux.



CMP AVX intrinsic (_mm256_cmp_pd)

Hey everyone 

I'm testing some intrinsics and checking some results. Unfortunately, I don't understand why when I'm trying to evaluate a[i] > 2, I get "-nan" as an output for the true cases. Maybe I did something wrong but I thought this should return 1 when it's true and 0 when it's false. I looked other internet for this error but I didn't find anything.


Here's my code:

Does Icc 15 contains the offload feature ?


I'm running under Linux & Eclipse

I saw a paper that icc 15.0 Beta 2 contains offload feature, and I'm inteding to use the offload feature (#pragma offload target(gfx)).

1. How can I check if the icc15 I have contains this feature ?

2. (How can I be sure that the parallel threads run on the GPU instead of the CPU ?)

3. Does version 15.0 contains the 15.0 Beta 2 ?


struggling to vectorize code

Hey everyone, 


I'm looking for help about loop vectorization. I'm trying to vectorize and optimize some loop but I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. The compiler can not vectorize because of FLOW and ANTI dependency. I thought I could remove it by doing a change in the code cf. "my attempt code" but this is not working. Can someone explain me why ?

Compilation errors on standard header files in libc++

MacOS 10.10.3, Xcode 6.3.2, Intel Composer 2015 sp 3. Compiling against 10.10 (or 10.9) SDK, including any standard header (such as <algorithm>) that eventually includes cpp_type_traits.h or allocator.h, I get the errors below if the C++ standard library is set to libc++. The errors go away if I use libstdc++:

cpp_type_traits (from OS X 10.10/usr/include/c++/4.2.1/bits/cpp_type_traits.h)


line 379:  // For the immediate use, the following is a good approximation.

template<typename _Tp>

使用Edison SDK + chroot 创建高性能应用


英特尔® Edison 是一款功能强大的物联网平台,内置有双核 500MHz 凌动处理器。 部署英特尔软件技术有利于释放该平台更多的潜能。 下图所示为基于 Edison 的对比测 试,测试结果明确表明,使用英特尔优化的通用库和编译器软件技术可带来显著的性能优 势。 是不是迫不及待想在自己的 Edison 上尝试? 请查看,并遵循本文的 下列步骤。


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