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named user licensing

I perform system administration duties on a classified windows workgroup.  I need to purchase a named user license for the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 Composer.  However, I will only be the installer/administrator of the software and only one specific user will actually use the software.  The specific user does not and will never have any kind of admin rights on the computer.  I have been told by third party providers that we would need to purchase a 2 user floating license to accomplish this approach. Is there a way to buy one named user license to accomplish this task?

getarg does not work?


i'm porting some programs from 32 bit linux suse to 64 bit linux suse.

in 32 bit  version i use fortran compiler XE 12.0 update 2 for linux

in 64 bit version i use XE 13.1 for linux

function getarg seems not work in 64 bit version.


    program test

    implicit none

    integer*4 ::iarg

Speeding up execution of REAL*16 programs

Hi Intel, Anyone,

I've been running an application in extended precision (REAL*16) for more years than I like to count and, finally, the time has come when I need it to execute faster. My impression is that all I can do is reduce, as far as possible, the number of extended precision multiply and divide operations. (This is what VTune tells me is what is taking the most time.) I can certainly do this, but is there more I should know?


I'm trying to get linedraw characters. The documentation states

"Using QWIN$EXTENDFONT_OEM_CHARSET with the font name 'MS LineDraw'C will get the old DOS-style character set with symbols that can be used to draw lines and boxes."

But it gives no instruction or example on how to use it. What I am trying is

Details on VF2013 Update 5 Fix (DPD200256609)

I was wondering if someone could post more details on the item fixed in Visual Fortran 2013 Update 5? 

The issue is: DPD200256609 and the title is: "Different answers with optimization and debug"

We use Fortran as a core part of our system and I was wondering what would cause these differences so that we can recommend our team updating to Update 5. 

Thank you!

When will new F2008 arrive


I'm just wondering about if the following F08 features are planned for the next (non-update) release:


 - Derived types with ALLOCATABLE components of RECURSIVE type

with SUBMODULEs taking the pole position on my wish list (since PDTs happened) :)

I read in some other post that new features don't appear in updates, does that imply that we'll have to wait for version 16 (which I guess is due late in 2015) or could they come in 15.1, say?

Using Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010

Hello every one,

I am trying to use Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010, but I have a problem now.
I want to get virtual array as returned value, but failed. Here is my code,

* fortran 11

subroutine virtualArrayTest(iv_array,ii)
implicit none
  integer,intent(out):: ii
  integer,allocatable,intent(out) :: iv_array(:)
  ii = 3
  iv_array = 9

end subroutine


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