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Fortran Runtime Library (forrtl) error numbers and iostat values

I am working on improving error handling in my codes, and have ran into some questions:

1) When reading a file, I want to check “iostat” values to see whether EOF is reached (IVF seems to set "iostat=-1" for EOF condition).

Is there some named/parameterised value that can be used instead of hardcoding "-1"?

I’d like something similar to "FOR$IOS_ENDDURREA" (forrtl=24), but for iostat values instead.

And some follow on questions - would appreciate some general guidance:

How to get a LIB project to link with an EXE project.

I have a VS solution which contains two vfproj's.  One for a main program and one for a LIB.  I'm getting unresolved externals because the LIB doesn't seem to be getting linked with the EXE.  What is the proper way to set this up?  I'm using VS 2010.  With an old version of vs with cvf I vaguely recall typing the LIB's name into a field somewhere in project settings.  Is it still done that way today?

lost installation in hard drive failure - now what?

I owned a license to Intel Fortran, and had it on my machine.  I suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure (actually, two in a row), and the replacement drive no longer has the installation.

I've been wandering around completely lost on the Intel site trying to figure out what to do.  The support seems deliberately designed to be impossible to contact for help.  I have the emails with the original product serial number and SKU, but I see nothing I can do with it.

error with deferred size character array with fixed length

I have a module that does this (among other things):

module tryit
implicit none

character(len=:),allocatable,dimension(:),save :: subtitle


subroutine setSubTitle(lines)
character(len=*),dimension(:) :: lines
end subroutine setSubTitle

subroutine getSubTitle ( lines )
character(len=*),dimension(:),intent(out) :: lines
if (allocated(subtitle)) lines = subtitle
end subroutine getSubTitle


Preprocessor conditional compilation

Hello all, I have a general question regarding Fortran syntax (not this forum?).  I have a series of include files that set up memory structures, and those include files may also chain-include other this case, some "parameter definition" files.  For example:


    INTEGER*4    ID

...and 'MEMORY_PARMS.TEXT' contains the following:

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