Intel® MPI Library

Native and IPM Statistics

The statistics in each supported format can be collected separately. To collect statistics in all formats with the maximal level of details, use the I_MPI_STATS environment variable.





The I_MPI_STATS_SCOPE environment variable is not applicable when both types of statistics are collected.

Related Information

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  • Intel® MPI Library Release Notes for updated information on requirements, technical support, and known limitations.

  • Intel® MPI Library Reference Manual for in-depth knowledge of the product features, commands, options, and environment variables.

Checking Correctness

Use -check_mpi option to link the resulting executable file against the Intel® Trace Collector correctness checking library. This has the same effect as when -profile=vtmc is used as an argument to mpiicc or another compiler script.

> mpiicc -profile=vtmc test.c -o testc


> mpiicc -check_mpi test.c -o testc

To use this option, you need to:

Tuning Applications Manually

There is a family of I_MPI_ADJUST_* environment variables that allow you to manually tune the collective operations of the Intel® MPI Library. By setting a range of message sizes and choosing different algorithms, you can improve the performance of your application. For more information, see the I_MPI_ADJUST Family topic in Intel® MPI Library Reference Manual for Windows* OS for details.

What's New

This document reflects the updates for Intel® MPI Library 5.1 Update 2 for Windows* OS:

The following latest changes in this document were made:

  • Added description for the new compiler option -no_ilp64.

Using mpitune Utility


Use the mpitune utility to find optimal settings for the Intel® MPI Library relevant to your cluster configuration or your application.


mpitune [ -a \"<application command line>\" ] [ -of <file-name> ] \

[ -t \"<test_cmd_line>\" ] [-cm ] [ -d ] [ -D] \

[ -dl [d1[,d2...[,dN]]] ] [ -fl [f1[,f2…[,fN]]] ] \

Intel® MPI Library Reference Manual for Windows* OS

The Intel® MPI Library is a multi-fabric message passing library that implements the Message Passing Interface, version 3.0 (MPI-3.0) specification. It provides a standard library across Intel® platforms that delivers best in class performance for enterprise, divisional, departmental and workgroup high performance computing, and enables you to adopt MPI-3.0 functions as your needs dictate.

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