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How to manage the analysis overhead of Correctness Modeling in Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011

This article describes the causes of the analysis overhead of Correctness Modeling in Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 and some suggestions on how to manage it.
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  • Using Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 to determine if your Intel® Threading Building Blocks application will scale

    I have a new appreciation for the Suitability tool in Intel® Parallel Advisor. Intel Parallel Advisor was created to help us add parallelism to existing serial code, but I’ve discovered another useful, possibly unconventional, use for Intel Parallel Advisor with my parallel application. I’ve discovered that I can use Intel Parallel Advisor to collect valuable performance and scalability information about my parallel application that would be difficult to collect otherwise.

    Shake Rattle and Roll Testing: Jinx 1.2 from Corensic

    There is an interesting software test system with very interesting technology and people, that is worth taking a look at IMHO. And today they are announcing JINX 1.2, with the additional of support for AVX among their new features.

    I was a little "slow" in figuring out what all the fuss was about when I first met them more than a year ago. They like to play up their product as "testing" your code by making it "unlucky." Makes for cool marketing and a funny product name.

    Intel® Parallel Studio Ships For Multi-core Software 

    Today, Intel began shipping Intel® Parallel Studio, a suite of development tools for C/C++ developers using Microsoft® Visual Studio. The product suite, which includes Intel Parallel Composer, Intel Parallel Inspector, and Intel Parallel Amplifier, enable
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