Intel® Parallel Inspector

When test suites fail us (when they meet parallelism).

Another week and another customer shared how messed up their test suites were because of parallel programming. So where are we going wrong?

First, it is natural to feel confused and disoriented when a failure "escapes" into the wild.  In other words, when a bug is not caught by our test suites it is natural to DEMAND an plan to correct this failure!

Second, it is common to fall back on a simple belief: an "escape" means we need MORE tests.

This is where parallelism trips us up.

Когда Inspector мышей не ловит

Недавно я столкнулся с одним интересным случаем. В процессе анализа приложения одного из наших пользователей обнаружил, что Inspector диагностирует data race там, где, по-идее его (или ее) быть не должно. Причем после нескольких десятков минут усиленного обмозговывания проблемы, мозг вскипел и отказался дальше работать. Честно говоря, хотелось вывести на чистую воду разработчиков тредчекера, и с позором предать их анафеме.

A Quick Peek Under the Hood of Intel® Parallel Inspector (Memory Checking)

In this article I’ll focus on the leak detection and memory checker technologies and will show what is happening under the hood. Intel® Parallel Inspector tracks all memory allocations and accesses using a binary instrumentation tool called Pin.
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  • How to debug or isolate or fix IDE integration issues

    For Intel C++ Compiler for Windows Professional's IDE integration
    If for some reason you do not see the new toolbar from the Intel C++ Compiler, you can try following to fix the problem.

    The IDE integration of Intel C++ Compiler is installed under <install-dir>\Compiler\VS Integration\C++\. You should see files below:

    │  │  icUtil.dll
    │  │  integrate.bat
    │  │  IntelPkg.dll
    │  └  OptPkg.dll

        │  icUtil.dll

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  • Intel® Parallel Inspector
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  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
  • The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore Webinar Questions and Answers

    During “The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore” webinar, May, 5, by Paul Peterse and Mark Davis we received the following questions and we thought we share them with you
  • Intel® Parallel Inspector
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
  • 英特尔® Parallel Studio:多核软件开发动力之源

    英特尔® Parallel Studio:多核软件开发动力之源

    英特尔® Parallel Studio是一个针对Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++开发者的综合并行开发套件,由英特尔® Parallel Composer, 英特尔® Parallel Inspector, 和英特尔® Parallel Amplifier等构成英特尔® Parallel Studio,使得基于Windows的开发人员能够更加简便、快捷地创建、调试和优化多核应用软件。

    英特尔® Parallel Studio:开发周期并行化
    英特尔® Parallel Studio为使用Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++的开发人员提供了简捷的端到端并行化工具。该产品是众多并行软件专家和高性能计算领域研究人员的结晶,是这些专家25年工作的经验总结。英特尔公司还提供了加强版的工具,以便对串行的或者并行的Windows应用软件进行软件是首个可以迅速满足开发人员并行需求的产品,具有下列功能:

  • C/C++
  • Intel® Parallel Inspector
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
  • Elaborazione parallela
  • Iscriversi a Intel® Parallel Inspector