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SGX support


I'm a graduate student who wants to utilize Intel SGX instructions. I heard that the new CPUs, which include Intel SGX instructions, will be released by 26th Oct, 2015. [1] And I'd like to buy one of them. 

Q1. Do I have to need a motherboard which contains a BIOS supporting configuration for SGX? (enable/disable SGX and/or adjusting Enclave memory size)

Q2. If I do so, which motherboards can I buy?


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Byungkwon Choi


* Reference

Processor models supporting the SHA extensions?

Can anyone tell me some processor models that support the SHA extensions? I've seen mention that they are supported on the E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, but I tried the E5-2666v3 on EC2 and it doesn't seem to support it. I tested for support using CPUID.7.0.EBX[29]. I've also tested some Haswell and Broadwell desktop processors and can't find any that support the SHA extension. 

SDE Message: "No MPX support"


I'm trying to run an application compiled with gcc 5.2.0 using MPX instructions in SDE 7.31.0 on Linux. (-fno-omit-frame-pointer -fcheck-pointer-bounds -mmpx)

SDE is used as: sde -mpx-mode -- MyApplication

The executable seems to contain a bunch of MPX related symbols, such as


However, SDE outputs "No MPX support". What is this error-message hinting at? No MPX in the executable, no MPX support by SDE, no MPX support by the kernel....???

Простая методика оптимизации с использованием Intel System Studio (VTune, компилятор C++, Cilk Plus)


В этой статье мы описываем простую методику оптимизации с использованием Intel® Cilk™ Plus и компилятора Intel® C++ на основе результатов анализа производительности, проведенного с помощью Intel® VTune Amplifier. Intel® System Studio 2015 содержит упомянутые компоненты, использованные для этой статьи.

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  • Accelerating texture compression with Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions

    Improving ETC1 and ETC2 texture compression


    What is texture compression?

    Texture compression has been used for some time now in computer graphics to reduce the memory consumption and save bandwidth on the graphics pipeline. It is supported by modern graphics APIs, such as OpenGL* ES and DirectX*. The process of compressing a texture is lossy. Existing algorithms must not only achieve the best speedups but also preserve as much of the original information as possible.

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  • AVX512 for mobile?

    OK, so Skylake has been out for a month, and IDF is long past - but I still don't have an answer to one basic question: will there be any mobile chips that support a AVX512? At first my hopes had been dashed with the announcement that AVX would only be in available on Skylake Xeon, but then they were raised again when we found out that there would be a mobile Xeons for Skylake. 

    IA-32e 64-bit and compatibility mode


    From Intel developer manual I see

    IA-32e mode allows software to operate in one of two sub-modes:

    •          64-bit mode supports 64-bit OS and 64-bit applications
    •          Compatibility mode allows most legacy software to run; it co-exists with 64-bit applications under a 64-bit OS

    I have a quad-core with HT enabled i.e. 8 logical cores

    With KVM I want to run 32 bit and 64 bit VMs on a 64 bit Host OS. I want to allocate resources as follows

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