英特尔每年最大的开发商大会IDF于4月8号在北京召开, 本届IDF的主题演讲的阵容不亚于以往, 英特尔董事会主席贝瑞特亲自前来做了题为“鼓舞心志的创新”(Inspiring Innovation)的主题演讲,英特尔公司高级副总裁兼数字企业事业部总经理帕特·基辛格和英特尔公司高级副总裁兼移动互联网事业部总经理阿南德(Anand Chandrasekher) 分别做了关于英特尔架构和移动运算的趋势主题演讲。由于受经济大环境的影响, 本届IDF在规模上比前两届也缩水了许多,不过麻雀虽小,却五脏俱全,除了阵容强大的主题演讲, 内容丰富的专题讲座和技术展区吸引了大量观众流连忘返。

G45与INTEL CLEAR VIDEO的结合让高清风暴来的更猛烈

面对高清视频这股大潮,目前显卡市场的几位巨头谁都想分一杯羹. 但是要充分利用硬件的加速特性,还需要有软件的配合才行。 作为整合图形芯片领域的主要供应商,Intel正积极和软件开发商合作开发针对G45的优化软件




Videos Posted From GDC - More Coming

I like many, didn't get to go to GDC this year. For me, it was a family vacation that kept me away. 

Have no fear... we've captured many of the Intel activities on video -- sessions, lounge chalk talks, and interviews with developers -- to watch at your leisure. It is Friday afternoon, so why not take a quick break and catch up on videos?

And, while you're at it, subscribe to one of our video feeds, so you don't miss anything. Your choice:

Метод точного рендеринга частиц объема с помощью пиксельного шейдера

Использование пиксельного шейдера дает более точную зрительную передачу эмулированных объемов и потенциально снижает необходимое количество частиц, что в свою очередь повышает производительность рендеринга
  • Grafica
  • The future of Visual Computing - one possibility.

    How will the average person benefit from the advances in visual computing in the near future? Imagine these possibilities in the life of a typical business user. Given the recent advances, and those on the near horizon, I would love to hear your predictions for when a scenario like this might become commonplace.

    Accelerate! - Highlighting Development Resources and Opportunity to Win a Marketing Campaign

    In these competitive and challenging times, accelerating your software development to get to market sooner can be key to success.  The Intel® Software Partner Program launched our Accelerate! campaign to highlight valuable development tools and resources to help our members to complete their software development and successfully go to market.  In addition, we are offering a member competition to win a $5000 marketing campaign for your software or a new netbook computer powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor.  You can learn more by visiting the

    GDC Day 3

    Its day three of GDC so I wanted to step back and try to write down my impressions thus far.   This is my first GDC, but about the 20th conference that I've attended since I started Intel.    

    First and foremost, I think we are hosting a great contest with the Level Up 2009 Game Demo Challenge.  During the course of the week, I've had many conversations with independent developers, students, and professors about it and it's all been very positive.   I am expecting some great submissions this year. 


    Tune in to hear "Into Tomorrow" from GDC!

    Tomorrow we will have a very special broadcast from the Intel Lounge area in Moscone West (3rd Floor)!  Dave Graveline will be doing the "Into Tomorrow" radio show and interviewing Intel and GDC folks.  If you're not at the Game Developer's Conference in person, you will be able to download the show MP3s from Dave's website.  Scheduled to appear:

    • Meggan Scavio, Director - GDC
    Iscriversi a Grafica