Linux: Performance issue when rendering a decoded video

Hello everybody,

I did some tests with the latest MSDK Release 2015R3 for Linux on a Intel NUC D34010. More precisely i used the MSDK samples to decode and display a h264 stream ("Tears of Steel" at a resoultion of 3840x1714 pixels and 24 frames per second - The system is set up as described in the Getting Started Guide, i.e. CentOS7 with a patched Kernel is running.

To decode and render the video, i used this command: 

Graphics Performance Analyzers: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?

Graphics Performance Analyzers is the premier tool for optimizing games on Microsoft Windows* OS. Graphics Performance Analyzers also support the analysis of games on Intel phones and tablets running the Google* Android*. This article describes the different platforms for the product, and how to download the product.
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  • App Challenge 2014 Submission Confirmation


    I have submitted may application for the second phase of the Realsense App Challenge 2014. However I have not received any confirmation email.

    In the idea dashboard, the submit button has disappeared but I continue having the counter with the days left to submission deadline.

    How can I be sure the submission was taken into account?



    Streaming H264 over network and decoding with gstreamer real time


    I'm having issues with streaming h264 streams over the network and playing them using gstreamer. My player side is a java application hence i have to use gstreamer. 

    What i'm able to do is encoding h264 streams and writing to a file and playing them using gstreamer. However, when i stream the encoded h264 bit streams over the network and try to use gstreamer appsrc to read them, i failed to get a play back on gstreamer side.

    Consejos útiles para análisis y optimización de gráficos en Android*

    Si está desarrollando una aplicación que usa gráficos de manera intensiva y no está satisfecho con el rendimiento, continúe leyendo para averiguar la manera de mejorarlo.

    Trabajo previo

    El primer paso de todo análisis de rendimiento es averiguar si la aplicación está enlazada a la CPU o a la GPU. Una manera de averiguarlo es con los Analizadores de Rendimiento de Gráficos (GPA).

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  • 在英特尔® 架构的设备上优化 Android* 应用

    在英特尔® 架构的设备上优化 Android*应用


    多年来英特尔®一直致力于帮助第三方软件商在 Windows 平台做性能和功耗的优化.软件优化后在性能和功耗上得到了大幅的改善。随着 Android*成为一个更大的市场平台,软件商都相应推出了自己在 Android 上的软件。然而,这些软件仍然有着比较大的优化空间.软件尤其是多媒体应用软件在性能和功耗方面提升空间非常大.事实上,同一款软件在同一 Intel 硬件平台上在 Window 上的性能甚至会远远好过在 Android*上的性能.这篇白皮书介绍了开发优化 Android 应用程序的一些工具和方法以及媒体应用程序的优化实例。这篇白皮书旨在面向  ISVs,  OEMs,  和其他技术相关人士。


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