Creative GestureCam\DepthSense 325 can't open color + depth streams at the same time?

I just installed the Creative GestureCam\DepthSense 325 camera with the most recent PCSDK on a 64 bit Window 8.1 machine, and I can't access the RGB stream AND the Depth stream at the same time. This means I can't do face tracking and gesture recognition in the same app. I verified this with the capture_viewer.exe demo and by coding a small sample project to see what was going on.


On my older 32 bit Windows 7 machine this was not an issue but I was also running an older version of PCSDK.


Anybody else experience this?

Need gesture_render.h


I am sorry to interrupt you, but I am really in need of help. I am a new learn of the Inter@ Perceptual Computing SDK and even the C++. Now I want to learn how to develop an application to get the gestures by this sdk. I have read the tutorials and tried to run the sample. But I found that  the "gesture_render.h" is now in the file and I don't know how to write this file by myself...

Dear David, could you please send this file to me?

Many thanks!!!

Real time QuickSync decoding of 1920X1080 H.264 video

      I'd like to be able to decode a real-time video stream (currently I'm using a video file for testing) that is 1920X1080 progressive H.264 for video analysis.  I have my custom video analysis DirectShow filter that take a few milliseconds per frame.  Just using QuickSync to decode and VPP to convert to RGB32, and then store the frame takes from 8 to 10 milliseconds.  After the analysis, writing to the frame, more stores of the modified frames into system memory,takes up another  5-8  msec  (I'm running  on a SandyBridge  quad core I7 CPU.  As a result I can't maintain the 60 FPS analys

depth stream not working



I installed the R8 package but when trying to get the depth stream from the camera using the "capture viewer" provided with the SDK the program crashes immediately. This issue doesn't occur when using the color stream or the vertices option (under depth stream) but since of the all applications are using the depth stream I can't seem to get anything running.


Any ideas how to fix this ?





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