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User Space Networking Fuels NFV Performance

It is an exciting time to be a software developer in the networking space and as the roles of engineer are changing so too are the rules.

For 15 years, the traditional thinking behind high performance networking has been to take all the packet processing functionality and push as much as possible into the kernel.    That model has been changing as the cost of always crossing the divide between kernel and user space, context switching on interrupts to service packets, and copying the data has limited performance of packet processing applications.

OpenMP scheduling overhead and analysis

Hi, all

I was programming with OpenMP,  and some points are not clear to me. 

1) Does OpenMP of Intel has better performance than the GCC version? If it is true, how much benefit can Intel version gets?

2) will  OpenMP compiler and runtime introduce barrier or memory fence operations? How to measure the overhead of these operations.

3) Does the overhead of scheduling in OpenMP increases with the increasing of thread number? Are there some methods to measure the overhead? (Either intel or GCC version is ok.)

Three Ways to Build DPDK 2.0.0 with Open vSwitch

SDK Setup Script

One of the best method to build the DPDK package is to use DPDK's tools/ script. Use the following steps after running the script:

                   - Press [9] to compile the package
                   - Press [12] to install the driver
                   - Press [16] to setup 1024 2MB hugepages
                   - Press [17] to register the Ethernet ports
                   - Press [30] to quit the tool

使用Edison SDK + chroot 创建高性能应用


英特尔® Edison 是一款功能强大的物联网平台,内置有双核 500MHz 凌动处理器。 部署英特尔软件技术有利于释放该平台更多的潜能。 下图所示为基于 Edison 的对比测 试,测试结果明确表明,使用英特尔优化的通用库和编译器软件技术可带来显著的性能优 势。 是不是迫不及待想在自己的 Edison 上尝试? 请查看,并遵循本文的 下列步骤。


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