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Основы разработки многопоточных игровых приложений

Организация многопоточности в игровых приложениях – непростая задача, но многих потенциальных трудностей можно избежать, если предусмотреть ее в начале разработки.
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  • Parallelization And Optimization of The Line Segment Intersection Problem

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    Line Segment Intersection Problem

    1. Problem Statement

    Write a threaded code to find pairs of input line segments that intersect within three-dimensional space. Line segments are defined by 6 integers representing the two (x,y,z) endpoints.

    Interesting tech sessions at GDC09 at a glance

    Only yesterday I have blogged about the upcoming Game Developers Conference 2009. It was about the big picture, namely the keynote sessions which are planned for GDC‘09. Beside this information at a rather abstract level there are also very technical presentations and workshops. What I‘m really interested in you will learn here and now.

    I will attend dedicated tech sessions which are offered within the section „Programming“:

    Multi-producer/multi-consumer SEH-based queue

    Here is my multi-producer/single-consumer queue:
    The interesting part of the algorithm is an XCHG-based producer part.

    As Chris Thomasson correctly noted, the XCHG-based producer part can be combined with the well-known CAS-based consumer part in order to get multi-producer/multi-consumer (MPMC) queue:

    How game developers benefit from current microarchitectures

    In my yesterday's blog post I talked about the tech sessions at GDC 2009 which relate to programming aspects. One part of the sessions consists of four workshops being organised by Intel. For all of you who want to know upfront what you can expect from these sessions we share some insights with you. All the others are warmly invited to gather more information about GDC Europe 2009.

    Накладные расходы в OpenMP, синхронизация и планировщик

    Как говорится, сказал А , говори и Б. Некоторое время назад я начал говорить о накладных расходах в OpenMP, что вызвало интерес читателей.

    В частности по поводу ORDERED все явно можно увидеть прямо тут (графики кликабельны):

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