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How to enable SoCWatch on Nexus (FUGU) player

SoCWatch Introduction

Intel® SoC Watch is a command line tool for monitoring system behaviors related to power consumption on Intel® architecture-based platforms. It monitors power states, frequencies, bus activity, wakeups, and various other metrics that provide insight into the system’s energy efficiency.

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  • What exactly is a P-state? (Pt. 1)



    A P-state is a voltage and frequency operating point




    What is a P-state?

    When someone refers to a P-state, generally only the frequency is talked about. For example, on my Intel® Core™ processor, P0 is 2.3 GHz, and P1 is 980 MHz. In truth, a P-state is both a frequency and voltage operating point. Both are scaled as the P-state increases. 





    Measuring Power on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Product Family Devices

    Understanding power measurements and the issues associated with various power measurement methodologies is key to utilizing, procuring and deploying large HPC (High Performance Computing) clusters along with maximizing bottom line profit in the enterprise world. In the HPC space, large FLOPs/watt ratios are now a key design and procurement requirement as the operating costs of today’s petascale systems are on par with the acquisition costs of the actual supercomputer hardware itself (Subramaniam & Wu-chun, 2010).

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  • 在英特尔® 架构的设备上优化 Android* 应用

    在英特尔® 架构的设备上优化 Android*应用


    多年来英特尔®一直致力于帮助第三方软件商在 Windows 平台做性能和功耗的优化.软件优化后在性能和功耗上得到了大幅的改善。随着 Android*成为一个更大的市场平台,软件商都相应推出了自己在 Android 上的软件。然而,这些软件仍然有着比较大的优化空间.软件尤其是多媒体应用软件在性能和功耗方面提升空间非常大.事实上,同一款软件在同一 Intel 硬件平台上在 Window 上的性能甚至会远远好过在 Android*上的性能.这篇白皮书介绍了开发优化 Android 应用程序的一些工具和方法以及媒体应用程序的优化实例。这篇白皮书旨在面向  ISVs,  OEMs,  和其他技术相关人士。


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  • Android Apps For The Intel Platform Learning Series: The Low-Power Design of Android Application


    Due to strict constraints on the system’s overall power consumption, low-power design, commonly known as power saving, is an important element of applications for mobile devices; in many cases it is a rigid requirement or the basis for survival. This chapter is organized as follows: first an overview of and introduction to low-power design, then a discussion of the Android power-control mechanisms, and finally a discussion of how to achieve the goal of low-power application design.

    What you'll learn in this chapter are:

    Mobills Labs otimiza seu aplicativo para plataforma Intel® Atom

    Com mais de 700 mil downloads, o Mobills é um aplicativo para controle financeiro brasileiro muito reconhecido no Google Play. O aplicativo foi desenvolvido pela startup Mobills Labs e hoje está disponível para Android, iOS e Web. O aplicativo vem recebendo várias melhorias, principalmente para tablets Android com processadores da Intel®, onde são utilizados códigos nativos em C e C++ para otimizar e melhorar a performance nesses dispositivos.

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