Question about mkl_?omatadd


The description of mkl_?omatadd function in the manual is a bit confusing:

- parameter m is described as "The number of matrix rows". Which one ? (A, B or C ?) What if I want to transpose A or B ?

- same question about parameter n.

- Why is ldc an output parameter ??

I wanna do this kind of operation "C = alpha*A + beta*B^t".

Thanks in advance for your help,



OsX 10.10 breaking error through CMAKE



Dear all, 


I am trying to compile Fenics in OsX using intel compilers. 

The new edition to my saga is that CMAKE creates test binaries when testing MKL that can not be killed, and leads to a slow corruption of the system (i.e. fonts go crazy etc). The error is reproducible in a macbook pro retina 2011 and mac pro cylinder 2013. 

The "zombie" is created when Teuchos is testing:


The CMAKE is invoked via hashdist with following parameters

LNK1104 When trying to build on Windows network share




I can't build when the output directory for my project is on a Windows network share.

The build log contains the following:

     1>LINK : : error LNK1104: cannot open file '\psf\Hacking\merely\Client Names\Blotter\Debug\Utils.lib'
     1>Done Building Project "\\psf\Hacking\merely\Client Names\Blotter\Utils\Utils.vcxproj" (Build target(s)) -- FAILED.

Use maximum resources in Inspector XE

What does "Use maximum resources" option do on the data race detection analysis?

I found that there is a significant performance differcence between with and without that option. But the analysis results are not quite different.

For instance, for one program it took  about 15 seconds without the option while it took about 5 minutes with the option.

Does it make skip analysis for some parts of a program? Some kind of sampling technique?

Extending task class in tbb

I am trying to extend the task class and override the "spawn_and_wait_for_all" class function. Like this.


namespace tbb {

     class my_task: public task {


               void spawn_and_wait_for_all ( task& child ) { }



If the define the "spawn_and_wait_for_all" in the class itself (like above) I am able to call that function. But when I put the function definition in a separate cpp file I get an "undefined reference error". Like this


namespace tbb {

Starting out, with 2 to 12 Phi's

So I bought 2 of the 31S1P's (not yet in use) and am contemplating getting another 10 for a fluid dynamics simulation. I'm trying to figure out how to proceed. I apologize if some of these are stupid questions. I think they're reasonable though as my setup is a bit unique: luckily I have a few 3d printers, in case I need to print brackets or ducts, and a 3600 CFM fan with 15" diameter. Some questions:

problems in offload in fortran modules

Hi all,

I have been trying to run what is called CESM(climate earth system model) and added an offload to one of its Fortran modules.

!dir$ offload begin target (mic)
    print *,'hi this is the offload section'
!dir$ end offload

I performed a successful build. The ar I replaced with the xiar and managed a successful build of the modules.

However while running the final executable i get the following error.

Iscriversi a Threading