Unable to View Statistic of OpenMP Region CPU Usage Histogram


Currently, I'm running analysis on the executable file generated from the compilation of C source code.

However, at the Summary window, certain OpenMP regions' CPU Usage Histograms are not displayed at the GUI, and some of them do.

Attached is the screenshot of Summary window. Hope it'll help to clarify my statement above.

Is there any solution to this problem?


Thank you.

Linux: 4.0 is not a supported linux release

Hello all,

similar to this issue back then with Linux 3.0 I'm now greeted by the annoying error message that "4.0 is not a supported linux release". The differences to the last 3.x release are not large, so this restriction is rather annoying. Is there a way to bypass it? Or is there a beta release ready to be tested to circumvent this issue? I've tried with the latest VTune Amplifier XE 2015 Update 3 release to no avail.


Switching back to vc++: Cannot get rid of /fast option

I've been experimenting with the Intel compiler for the past few weeks, and decided to go back to the VC++ compiler.  I right clicked on the solution and selected "use vc++" compiler.  Tried to build, and got a bunch of warnings about "ignoring unknown option /fast".  I uninstalled the Intel compiler, completely blew away the development directly, got latest from source control, and the warnings are still there.  I searched all of the files in the dev directory (including property sheets and project settings) for the /dev flag.  Nothing. 

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