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To create Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ we used the Intel XDK and Crosswalk with a couple of open-source javascript libraries.

Panda.js – HTML5 Game Engine
Pixi.js – 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback

英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器

英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器是一个硬件辅助的虚拟化引擎(hypervisor,虚拟机监视器),它使用英特尔® 虚拟化技术加速安卓应用在主机上的模拟。 英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器与英特尔提供的安卓 x86 模拟器映像及官方安卓SDK Manager(安卓软件开发套件)相结合,可在启用英特尔虚拟机的系统上更快地模拟安卓系统。

英特尔硬件加速执行管理器是 Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience(英特尔® 集成原生开发人员体验,英特尔® INDE)的一个特性


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  • HAXM installation failure on Windows 7

    I have an Intel® Pentium® Processor P6100  and an Acer Aspire 4738Z.I am suffering from Intel-haxm installation error. i have attached snapshot .kindly check it. 

    Intel Processor virtualization utilty says 

    Intel Virtualization : NO 

    also i checked these link , says no intel virtualization is support with these processor . 

    I want it to know . How can i fix it. 

    haxm installation failure in win7 64

    Hi All,
    I am writing this post to ask for help about installing the intel haxm, I previously used win8, and I could install the haxm without any problems, but a few
    days ago, I change the os to win7 64bit, while I cannot install the haxm after I tried many ways to fix it.
    I refered to the the page :
    and tried the ways that mentioned in the page, but nothing helped. I went to bios and enabled the VT.

    below are the info captured about my pc.

    hoping to get any helpful info from you guys, many thanks.

    SDN, NFV, DPDK and the Open Networking Platform - FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions on SDN, NFV, DPDK and the Intel® Open Network Platform Server

    Why are SDN and NFV so important?

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are emerging as an alternative to traditional network design because they address many of the drawbacks of traditional hardware based networks.  SDN and NFV offer four primary benefits:

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  • Question about the HAXM driver

    I want to apply the HAXM on the QEMU for my x86 virtual machine.
    The QEMU for the Tizen and the Android is the open source.
    So, I am analyzing and referencing them.
    But, the Android's QEMU is very old version.
    So, my custom QEMU is based on the Tizen's QEMU.

    Recently, I checked the issue related with HAXM version.
    The Tizen QEMU use the HAXM 1.0.5, and the Android QEMU use the HAXM 1.1.1.
    The Tizen QEMU cannot run and close the emulator on the HAXM 1.1.1.
    It can run and close on the HAXM 1.0.5.

    Video Cut Fails sometime

    I am using Intel media-for-mobile sample ( to Trim/Cut video. However when I when i record video and goes to ComposerTranscodeCoreActivity some time the video is not loaded and it shows black screen and some time the video is showing there but when i click to start trim/Cut it give me Error "Failed to allocate component instance" Logcat shows error: "Unable to instantiate a decoder for type 'video/avc'."


    I am attaching screen shots for reference.

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