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Eliminación de problemas de sincronización entre la CPU y la GPU en Galactic Civilizations* 3

Galactic Civilizations* 3 is a turn-based 4X strategy game recently released by Stardock Entertainment. This article describes how Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzer's (GPA) Platform Analyzer was used to improve the game's performance by finding and removing several CPU-GPU sync stalls that had caused a loss of parallelism between the CPU and GPU.
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  • Issue on running avd emulator


    I have an issue when try to launch an android emulator through AVD Manager.
    I tried using only android sdk or installing full android studio.
    Clicking on play button, avd try to lunch the emulator, but when the progress bar is complete, it disappears, but nothing happens.

    From event viewer I received the following error:

    GPA: Can it be used stand-alone or with previous versions of MS Visual Studio?


    We would like to test and analyze a DirectX 9 project using current Intel GPA.

    The problem is that the project was developed with MS Visual Studio 2008, and we are having some troubles migrating the project to newer Visual Studio versions.

    Will we still be able to install and use GPA? Or just simply INDE will not install and therefore GPA will not be available? Is there an standalone version of GPA as there was before?

    Many thanks for your answers,

    Manuel Perez de Lema Lopez

    MPL3D Team


    Will Intel HAXM work on Windows 7 Pro?

        I have installed the latest Android ADT on one computer, which is Windows 10 (just upgrade from Windows 8), it works fine, then I decide to try it on another one, it is Windows 7 Pro, this time, it failed, I try to check the windows features, it didn't show me Hyper-V, but from the CrystalCPUID tool, it has the VT enabled, I just confused here, can I install Intel HAXM on Windows 7 Pro? if it didn't work out of box, is there any work around?




    Can not analyze any apps - no errors.


    I've been using the "Analyze Application" program to run a DX9 Windows game. I'm currently on Windows 10 and was previously on Windows 8.1. Previously, my older version of INDE worked fine on almost every program I needed, but since upgrading I have not been able to analyze any programs.

    To be specific, if I launch the game I want, none of the charts/graphs or otherwise appear, and none of the short cuts seem to take effect. (Control + F1 does nothing either.) I have even tested on the example programs, the racing game and the other test program and similarly no luck.

    How to remove any reference/link to sdk C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK


    as the post title, Android Studio (windows 7) continues searching path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK after my Intel INDE uninstallation.

    Error is:

    Error:The SDK directory 'C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK' does not exist.

    Please fix the 'sdk.dir' property in the file.

    My sdk.dir value in is updated, but i Android Studio still search for path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK.

    Maybe i have to update some referenes in gradle directory?

    Intel HAXM installation error - This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology 2015

    Hello i have big problem whit android estudio and i can't install HAXM in my computer i explaint:

    I have an issue whit my HAXM installation. Here is the thing. I got this error every single time I tried to install HAXM FOR MY COMPUTER:

    Problem is, that my computer supports Virtualization Technology (see pic below).

    System espc:

    HAXM installation error


    I'm trying to install HAXM but I get this message every time

    This computer meets the requirements for HAXM, but Inter Virtualization Technology (VT-X) is not turned on.

    HAXM can not be installed until VT-x is enabled.


    I enabled it in my laptop BIOS but still get the same message

    is there any thing to enable or do with BIOS or windows?

    I have HP EliteBook 6930p

    Iscriversi a Graphics Performance Analyzers