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What is the big deal about the new Intel® Small Business Advantage platform?

Intel has learned from the success of popular platforms, like Intel® Centrino® and Intel® vPro™ technologies, the value of considering the complete end-to-end solution when developing new solutions. Building on these successes, Intel launched the Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) platform this year, aimed at the small business.

The hope is this article will help clear up any questions you have about the platform, who Intel SBA is designed for, and why.

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  • Ten reasons why Ultrabook™ developers should take a look at the Intel AppUp® Center

    Developers looking for a white-hot opportunity to get their apps noticed (which pretty much takes care of every developer, right?) would do well to take a hard look at the Intel AppUp® Center, a relatively new app store offering that is quietly emerging as one of the biggest opportunities for developers on the market today – especially developers who are looking to take advantage of the emerging Ultrabook™ market.

    Keyword Research Tools for App Store Optimization

    Whether you’re a seasoned developer with many submitted apps under your belt, or someone who’s looking to develop new apps for the next generation of Ultrabooks, you’ve probably started to understand that it’s not just enough to submit your app to an app store like the Intel AppUp® Center and then go home and wait for the checks to start rolling in.

    Gesture Recognition: What It Looks Like On An Ultrabook™

    At IDF 2012 in San Francisco, we got to witness first-hand the implementation of gesture recognition inside a next generation Ultrabook. This ain’t your mama’s gesture recognition technology, either. With the full support of a Perceptual Computing SDK and amazingly innovative features, expect some pretty futuristic apps to come out of the creative minds of savvy Ultrabook and PC developers.

    What is gesture recognition?

    App Store Optimization Part 2: Ranking Factors

    In the first article of this series, we went over the basics of what app store optimization means. In this second article, we'll go over the more practical parts of ASO. There are several major factors that impact how your app is ranked within all the app stores. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to briefly go over the basics just to get our feet wet.

    Ranking factor #1: App name

    App Store Optimization Part 1: What The Heck Is It?

    Whether you’re a seasoned developer who has submitted many different apps to the various consumer digital storefronts available, or you’re a newbie who’s just getting started in this exciting field, you’ve probably already run into the problem of getting your app noticed once it’s submitted. It’s nice to think that a simple upload will deliver the kind of customer interaction (and let’s face it, profit!) that you’ve always dreamed about, however, the reality is that it just doesn’t work that way.

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