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Codemasters GRID Autosport* 平板电脑优化和触摸部署

作者:Michael Coppock 和 Leigh Davies


移动游戏是一个巨大的市场。 预计显示,2016 年移动游戏将会急剧增长。 但是在低功耗的平板电脑和超极本™ 设备上,典型的移动游戏的发展远不及同一领域的 PC 游戏。 总部位于英国的游戏开发商 Codemasters 计划通过 GRID Autosport* 改变这一现状。 他们计划在带有直观的触摸控制的平板电脑中引进控制台级的显卡。

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  • codemasters
  • GRID Autosport
  • tablet optimization
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  • HAXM not working on Core 2 Duo Macs: installs, but won't start images (black screen)


    HAXM 1.1.0 is not loading x86 atom image on fresh Yosemite install (core 2 duo): it goes straight to a black screen.

    I can run ARM images, but when I try to run an Atom x86 image (android 4.4.2, nexus 5 clone), it goes to a black screen and sits there doing nothing. The emulator output reports "HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode" before going to the black screen emulator window.

    Never had an older version of HAXM installed, so don't think its the "old haxm verison doesn't work on mavericks/yosemite" problem.

    Android hardware Reference design program

    Hi Does anyone have information on how to get access to the Android smartphone hardware development program and reference material information?

    We are a startup in the process of evaluating chipsets and wanted to have the intel reference design as an option.

    Online, there only developer reference is software related.


    vaapi vaPutSurface appears to do nothing

    I am successfully using vaapi on Intel linux machines (haswell i5) to decode h.264 video and display in an x window. I have ported this code to a native application on android 4.4.2 r1 ia1.

    The decoding works as I can convert a frame to rgb and copy the bytes onto the native window, when I use vaPutSurface it returns 0 but nothing appears on the window. I do however get the 2 following lines of log output

    11-18 16:52:45.396: D/MOS(9725): mm:Mos_InitInterface_Linux called

    11-18 16:52:45.396: E/MOS(9725): Mos_InitInterface_Linux: Unable to initialize context

    Intel WiDi - Wireless Display Technologies for Developers

    By Paul Ferrill and Steve Barile

    Download PDF

    Using more than one screen is becoming commonplace for watching videos, playing games, sharing pictures, and even business uses, including Microsoft PowerPoint* presentations. But how users access that second screen varies by device and operating system.

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  • Dual Screen
  • Miracast
  • WiFi
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  • Chromecast
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  • WiDi
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