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LCP creation


I have tboot running on Intel Server board E5- 2658. I get txt measured launch as true and can see the populated pcrs values.

At the moment, I don't have any LCP in TPM. My Platform is using default policy i guess. 

I want to explore the option in LCP that what should happen when pcrs measurement fails i.e. system refuse to boot or boot with limited functionalities.

Commander terminal black screen

I have been using Intel AMT for quite a while but I still have not been able to penetrate beyond just starting the computers remotely. I have several questions (maybe rather lame):

1. People here seem to know a lot about the technology, yet the documentation is scarce. Is there a turorial or documentation - not marketing material or material for developers as I do not intend to program any software

I know of two major tools that Intel promotes

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  • AMT Scripts from Linux or FreeBSD 6


    Currently we have few machines that are running intel AMT version: 7.1.52-build 1176.

    We have a need to preform a scripted reset. I tried to use CURL method and ran in to issues with the hidden token field, since it changes for each curl call... 

    Whats the best way to accomplish a scripted reset ? 


    Any help is really appreciated, I need to get this done very soon so please let me know. 


    Thank you in advance !


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    Простая методика оптимизации с использованием Intel System Studio (VTune, компилятор C++, Cilk Plus)


    В этой статье мы описываем простую методику оптимизации с использованием Intel® Cilk™ Plus и компилятора Intel® C++ на основе результатов анализа производительности, проведенного с помощью Intel® VTune Amplifier. Intel® System Studio 2015 содержит упомянутые компоненты, использованные для этой статьи.

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  • Is it possible to save file back to image used in IDE-R ?


    I need to use AMT technology to boot a target computer from ISO exists on another computer (the controller) using CD IDE-R.
    this target computer will automatically, do some job and should save its results into a file.
    Of course, When using ISO image to boot, any file created into the bootable OS file system drive (with WinPE, usually X drive), is not saved back into the ISO.

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