Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)

Is OpenMP not supporting Fortran 2003 (PASS, Finalization, etc.)

Hi all,

My question is related to integration of OpenMP in Fortran with some features in standard 2003/2008

In the document of latest 4.0 release it is stated that some features are not supported. The problem is : such features are in my opinion very important for new Object-Oriented paradigm as introduced in new standards.

I made some simple code containing type extension and pass atribute. The OpenMP work and a get  speedup of 12x. ( on 12 cores !!!) 

Quick Installation Guide for Media SDK on Windows with Intel® INDE

Intel® INDE provides a comprehensive toolset for developing Media applications targeting both CPU and GPUs, enriching the development experience of a game or media developer. Yet, if you got used to work with the legacy Intel® Media SDK or if you just want to get started using those tools quickly, you can follow these steps and install only the Media SDK components of Intel® INDE.

Go to the Intel® INDE Web page, select the edition you want to download and hit Download link:

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  • Hook not executed

    I have a QWIN program that uses a DLL which sends status and progress events.
    The events are registered using RegisterWindowsMessage.

    In order to react to these messages I have set up a hook like this:

    use ifwin, only: SetWindowsHookEx, GetCurrentThreadId, WH_GETMESSAGE
    ! ...
    m_hHook = SetWindowsHookEx(WH_GETMESSAGE, %LOC(V3MessagesHook), 0, GetCurrentThreadId())

    The signature of the V3MessagesHook function is like this:

    OpenMP performance

    This is a rather general question about a situation that arises frequently.  An array is to be populated by computing the entries in a parallelised loop.  What is the best way to prevent slowdown caused by cache line contention?  What I have done in the past is to ensure that each process operates on a range of indices.  For example, if I am using 4 processors and the array is A(4N), then process k populates A(i), i=(k-1)*N+1,..,kN.  Is this the best method?



    Windows 10 ante portas

    MS Windows 10 is coming soon. I assume that the developers at Intel are busy getting the development environment and the compilers ready for the new OS version. Any news on the topic? Should we refrain from installing Windows 10 during the first months?

    Problem installing Parallel Studio 2015 Update 4

    I received the notice announcing Update 4 but I am having a problem during the installation:

    I get a message saying

    The following application should be closed before continuing the install:

       - FLEXnet Connect Software Manager

    I checked task manager and closed a process that seems to match the description (some Intel License utility; running wth SYSTEM as user; sorry I did not note the name), but this did not help.

    This has not happened with previous updates. AFAIK, nothing else has changed in this computer since the previous update.

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