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Wrong arithmetic-if-hint


Im using Fortran 15/Windows. In the optimizationöreport I find a message

   remark #15534: loop was not vectorized: loop contains arithmetic if or computed goto. Consider using if-then-else statement.    [ C:\Users\bene\ws\hydroas_trunk\AS-GPU\Hydro_AS.for(2634,19) ]

This hint is not true. Line 2634 ist

Viewing module variables in /O3

This seems to be a new debugging quirk (VS 2010 with IVF V15 Update 1)

I have a module that defines a user defined type:

module  MOD_HOST
    type TypeHOST
    end type TypeHOST
    type(TypeHOST), target :: HOST
end module  MOD_HOST

I then have a different source file compiled with /O3 that uses MOD_HOST.

The debugger (VS 2010) now complains that it cannot view a register variable when attempting to view HOST.

Interface Checking

Is it possible for the interface warning check during compilation to be applied across a solution which consists of several projects each containing several files? The reason I ask is that my application was behaving oddly after a call to a subroutine containing four arguments where the subroutine itself only had three. (A change I made recently but I missed removing one of the arguments!). I thought that the Check Routine Interfaces would have picked this up or does it only work within single files or after a full clean/rebuild. 

I need some help for running f90 files.

Hi, I just started to study fortran language.

And I have some problem. F90 files which my prof give me doesn't work.

There are two f90 files. and i think one of them is main file and the other is source file

But these doesn't work.

How can i make these file run?

pls give me some advise..

p.s I'm using visual studio 2012 and i attach my files.


Error #5522 in Visual Fortran Composer 2015


Today I've tried to compile my solution with new Intel Visual Fortran Composer 2015.

I get permanent compiler errors for "final" implementation: #5522: FINAL subroutines must be defined with the default calling convention.

Seems to be related to the used calling convention in my solution. Due to compatibility issues I do use the setting "CVF (/iface:cvf)".

It worked fine with Intel Visual Fortran Composer 2013 SP1 Update4.

How can I fix this bug?

Thanks in advance for all comments,


Error message improvement suggestion (structure length)

When the following error message is generated:

... warning #6380: The structure length is not a multiple of its largest element; could create misalignments for arrays of this type. [...]

I think it would be helpful to provide the missing information, such as:

... warning #6380: The structure length (nnn) is not a multiple of its largest element (mmm); could create misalignments for arrays of this type. [...]

Jim Dempse

Leading zero in formatted real output

I have a configuration file that defines templates, options, tokens ete etc to allow a user to format data from my software for a vast range of different CNC type machine controllers…

Often leading spaces on real numbers are nice because is collimates data and makes it more human readable. In other cases this pumps up the files size or the target hardware does not like it so leading spaces are omitted. In the first case something might be output in a user supplied format ‘(F10.3)’ and the latter case ‘(F0.3)’.

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