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File extension for free form, included code files?

My code uses extensively #INCLUDE statements for bits and pieces of code. Right now these bits and pieces are files with the extension *.f90. This allows Visual Studio (2013) to correctly perform the syntactic highlighting of these included files. I would like however to assign to these included files a different extension (to distinguish them from the 'parents' files, which are properly formed source files), while retaining the syntactic highlighting capability.

Is there a way to do this in Visual Studio 2013?


We are using an old FORTRAN program which I am trying to set up to date.

One of the main change is converting COMMONs to MODULEs.

But most of the COMMONs include STRUCTUREs which are in an INCLUDE file :

File DECLAR.f90

    structure /drap/

      integer*4 art

      integer*4 col

     end structure


Subroutine B

    subroutine b   

    include "declar.f90"   

    type (drap) d1,d2   

    common /ddarp/ d1   




Program A

   program a   

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