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BLAS Routines

The BLAS routines and functions are divided into the following groups according to the operations they perform:

Performance Enhancements

The Intel® Math Kernel Library has been optimized by exploiting both processor and system features and capabilities. Special care has been given to those routines that most profit from cache-management techniques. These especially include matrix-matrix operation routines such as dgemm().


Intel® MKL offers performance gains through parallelism provided by the symmetric multiprocessing performance (SMP) feature. You can obtain improvements from SMP in the following ways:

Fortran 95 Interface Conventions

Fortran 95 interface to BLAS and Sparse BLAS Level 1 routines is implemented through wrappers that call respective FORTRAN 77 routines. This interface uses such features of Fortran 95 as assumed-shape arrays and optional arguments to provide simplified calls to BLAS and Sparse BLAS Level 1 routines with fewer parameters.

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