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error accessing file pointer in a multi-threaded program

What I want to ask is part of some big code but I will try to make it as short as possible. I will first explain the relevant code snippets from my code first and then the error I am getting.

From main.c inside main function:

cilk_for ( line_count = 0; line_count != no_of_lines ; ++line_count )
//some stuff here
for ( j=line_count+1; j {
//some stuff here
final_result[line_count][j] = bf_dup_eleminate ( table_bloom[line_count], file_names[j], j );
//some stuff here
//some stuff here

cilkview questions

Can one use cilkview on just part of a program to see if the parallelization on that sectionwas worth it in terms of speedup?

I assume that one can use cikview on the whole program to see if there is any speedup (or predicted speed up) from changing the program from c to cilk?

Thanks in advance.


Cannot vectorize array notations

Hi all,I have vectorization problems and I really need your help.Here are the vectorization reports for each array notation in the code bellow: -Array Notation(1) : Vectorized -Array Notation(2) : Subscript too complex -Array Notation(3) : Existence of vector dependence -Array Notation(4) : Subscript too complex -Array Notatino(5) : Subscript too complex -Array Notation(6) : Existence of vector dependenceI tried using "restrict" on the pointers(i.e.

Problem with installation

Hello allIm having some troubles with the installation of cilk or i might missing something.I have installed gcc-4.7 and downloaded the tar.gz file.I installed the tar.gz file under /usr/local/ and now there is a new directory cilk.I set the PATH enviroment variable but i still cant compile anything.I tried with the examples but always gives a bunch of errors.The thing is that when i change the PATH to point to /cilk i cant use g++ either.Im typing g++ -v and gives me back "gcc version 4.2.4 (Cilk Arts Build 8503)"Any ideas what i have done wrong or if there is something i didnt do at allTh

Cilk on CentOS

We had to make a major change and move from the Ubuntu operating system to CentOS (a version of Redhat). I am now tryng ti re-install Cilk ComposerC++ XE on CentOS.

It installed on Ubuntu, but installing on CentOS I have had some snags.

Please note thatthis is 64-biy CentOS, but I am installing 32-bit Cilk. The version is CentOS 6.2, 64 bit.

Idid have to make SeLinux permissive,and that worked. I contnued with the install andit said:

Problem with array-notation in a function

Hi,i recently read about the Arraynotation in Cilk and tried to devise a test function of my own: I have an array of length 10, filled with ones and want to change that to twos.Now, when i do that in my main()-function using array notation it's not a problem. However, if i declare my own function and use the array as a parameter, i get a compiler error sayingarraynotation.cpp: In function int foo(int*):arraynotation.cpp:8:4: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault A[:] = 2; ^I am not very experienced using cilk/c++ but this seems to me like there is a bug in the compiler.

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