Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Patches or configure options to build the trunk on arm


I want to build the trunk on an embedded system supporting armv7 instructions. The build was accomplished without errors but cilk/cilk.h and libcilkrts weren't built. I checked out the patches available on the internet they do support non x86 architectures but I think just i386 not arm.

Are there other patches or config options to add while building so that I get those libraries along with the build 


Erroneous use of __sec_implicit_index() ?

I want to pass the index of array to routine, that uses it inside to compute and return some result, that should be assigned to output array member.

I mean the following:

for(int i=0; i<I_max; i++)
     a_output[i] = foo(i, a1,a2, ...);

Instead of this loop I tried to use CILK+ Array Notation construction:
a_output[0:I_max] = foo(__sec_implicit_index(0) , a1,a2, ...);

This lines cause the error (compiler Intel C++ Compiler XE 14.0):

Procblems using gcc with cilkplus binary


I tried the binary from August 2013 from on my Ubuntu 13.4 x86 VM.
I extracted files to ~/cilkplus-4_8-install and gave execution permission to all files in /bin subfolder and executed

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/cilkplus-4_8-install/lib:~/cilkplus-4_8-install/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export LIBRARY_PATH=~/cilkplus-4_8-install/lib:~/cilkplus-4_8-install/lib64:$LIBRARY_PATH

but not even

cross compile cilk gcc form arm-linux

I have successfully compiled cilk gcc for a host computer but I would like to create binaries to compile my cilk gcc codes for a target board arm-linux. 

I have taken the general procedure used to cross compile gcc-4.8.2, but it shows errors related to some defined cilk variables that are not in the scope. 

These variables are in the file target-hooks-def.h that is generated in object holding directory during the built (#define TARGET_CILKPLUS_BUILTIN_ITT_NOTIFY_SECTION_NAME default_itt_notify_section_name).

Memory Limitiation into Cilk ?

I just want to use Cilk Plus with implicit shared memory , but i am getting this error :

HOST--ERROR:myoiExPLExtendVSM: VSM size exceeds the limitation (4294967296) now!
HOST--ERROR:myoiExMalloc:662 Fail to get a new memory chunk!
HOST--ERROR:myoArenaMalloc1: Fail to get free memory space!
HOST--ERROR:myoArenaAlignedMalloc1: No enough memory space!

Error compiling Cilk Plus runtime


I am having trouble compiling the runtime library distributed with the GCC4.8 Cilk Plus branch.
I was able to build the entire compiler, which compiles the runtime library correctly as part of the build, but I would like to be able to build and package the runtime library by itself, and that's where I ran into issues. 

I followed the instructions in libcilkrts/README.

Branch and bound search: avoid copying of data

Hi there.

I want to implement a multi-threaded version of a branch-and-bound search. The search space is a 16 level 128-ary tree.

So far, the intermediate result is stored in an array. this does not contain only the 16 levels, but also other entries, which are deduced from those values and needed to check the constrains for the bound condition.

Cilk Plus using work stealing seems well suited to implement this in a convenient way, especially as the framework itself decides whether to split a task or not.

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