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Stale directories after component updates

I initally installed parallel studio 2013 and have since installed composer_xe (c++ and fortran) updates 1-4.  This results in the symlinks in composer_xe_2013 all pointing to files in composer_xe_2013.4.183.  My question involves the leftover composer_xe_2013.(n).xxx directories from the old updates.  Can anything outside composer depend on the composer directories not pointed at by the composerxe symlink?  Assuming both the c/c++ and fortran compiler are on update 4, is it safe to rm -rf the older update directories?

rm -rf * didn't completely remove intel parallel studio

Hi. Sorry to bother you guys.

After installing Parallel Studio at a custom location as non-root, I removed everything in the directory, and everything in the /tmp folder

When I try to reinstall as non-root again, it shows:

        If you want to reinstall the Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2013 Update 3 for Linux*
        please uninstall current version and run install script again.

How to fix this?

Thank you for your help.

licensing questions


I have two questions related to licensing:

  • If I buy Intel Parallel Studio can I install it on a virtualization environment? I plan to have two instances of the development environment.
  • If I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster consisting of 3 Blade server machines, and want the Intel Runtime environment i.e. compilers, MKL, TBB etc do I need 1 license of Intel Composer XE or I need 3 licenses of Intel Composer XE?

Thanks in advance, Best regards, Giovanni

Missing Intel.Misc.Utilities


I've just installed update of the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Windows (w_ccomxe_2013.4.190.exe) and after this update I'm not able build my programs (under Visual Studio 2010 Professional). Also no dialog box under the VS2010 is possible to display (e.g. Properties, About..and many others) and VS displays this error message:

Could not load file or assembly 'Intel.Misc.Utlities, Version=" or one of its dependencies. System could not find the file.

I tried to find the assembly (Intel.Misc.Utlities.dll) but it seems it is not present on my PC.

uninstalling parallel_studio

Hello all. I need some help with uninstalling parallel_studio_xe_2013_update3 non-commercial edition on Debian, if possible,please.  First  installation was incorrect and i tried to uninstall it.  There was no file The folder /Intel was deleted. Now there are no packages containing "intel" in the system. This is clear when using programs like 'aptitude' because rpm does not work on Debian. And it is impossible to install the studio again. The installer - - prints 'first uninstall the current version'. Please help install the studio. Thanks.

VTune Amplifier error

I am a first user to Vtune Amplifier and I have limited knowledge on it.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013.

I can see the messages on the terminal like below when I run amplxe-gui.

** (amplxe-gui:28202): CRITICAL **: os_bar_hide: assertion `OS_IS_BAR (bar)' failed

(amplxe-gui:28202): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_hide: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

** (amplxe-gui:28202): CRITICAL **: os_bar_set_parent: assertion `OS_IS_BAR (bar)' failed

Unable to use CUDA nvcc compiler with ICC 13.x

Hi All,

I've just upgraded 2011 XE to 2013 XE (update 3), one of my projects that intel compiler from 2011 XE package was able to assemble flawlessly fails to compile with ICC 13.x.

An error occurs on the nvcc compilation stage (compiling .cu file with CUDA kernel): nvcc : fatal error : A single input file is required for a non-link phase when an outputfile is specified.

Once again, both MSVC and 2011 XE do compile the project without errors. How to make 13.x do the same thing ?

Thanks in advance.

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