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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 1 for Windows* - Issues updating via Intel Software Manager

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 1 is ready for download in Intel Registration Center. If you are attempting to download a Windows* version from Intel Software Manager, you may run into issues.

To see workarounds please refer to:


Do Not post Serial Numbers, License files or License file names in any public forum post

Serial Number / License file can be used to install the corresponding Intel products. Posting the Serial Number or License File to a public forum, poses the threat of serial number being used by someone other than you. License File names also includes serial number in them. So, for your protection, please do not post your Serial Numbers, License files, License file names in any public forum.

Question on registration error



During my registration process for downloading mkl,

I entered wrong e-mail address(non existing email address.)

I got an error, so I tried to register again with my serial number.

But, the message I can see was ".. already registered.." so I could not proceed more.

I'd like to change the wrong email address and register again.

Could you help me??



Couldn't find the license at the E-mail

I got the E-mail when my serial Number updated.
Explanation of this E-mail, there is a license in attachment.
but I couldn't find the attachment at this E-mail.

For reference, information of header in this E-mail shows text/html content-type.
normally, in case of E-mail with attachment, information of header in E-mail shows multipart/mixed content-type.

I want to update C++ and Fortran Compiler by offline.
what should I do?

Thank you.

License not valid

I was given a license for intel parallel studio  by my manager a couple of months ago, and I am just now getting around to using it, however it doesn't seem to be working. 

My manager says it should be valid until 8/1/2016.  Is there a way to check to see if this license has been used by someone else in my company?


Thank you,


Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 via Academic Program


I'm looking for Parallel Studio in list of software eligible for students via Academic Program and can't find a download for Windows, only for OS X. Windows version is only 30-days trial, which is no difference with commonly-accessed one.

Am I wrong? Will I receive sort of licence after download?

Thanks in advance.

Unable to register intel parallel studio

Hello, in the last month I have used a trial version of the intel parallel studio for both fortran and c++. Since the software has been really useful to me I wanted now to to install it normally. Being a student I downloaded the free version, however now I am unable to register my product. I received the e-mail with the serial number but if I try to insert them while installing the software i get "The Serial Number provided is not valid for this solution set". If I try to follow the instructions on this page 

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