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finalization of function return type memory leak ?


I have a memory leak with the return variable of a constructor. If the allocation is made out of the constructor then the component is automatically deallocated after. The following code show the behavior. If the class(*) is replace by an integer there is no memory leak. Of course if i write a final subroutine that deallocate it solves the issue, but then what is the exact rule for automatic finalization for derived type and extended derived type.



generic operator with class(*) behavior question


I am wondering how does the generic operator works in case of an abstract class with a class(*) argument. The following code show an example, and the operator on the abstract class do not call the defined operator of intb even though the dynamic type is intb.  Any thought on such design ? A solution will be to override lower_than in intb like that rocedure,private :: lower_than => lowerthan_intb with a class(*) and then do a select type. But i thought that if the dynamic type was intb then the generic function will find lowerthan_intb.



Compilation error while using iso_c_binding in Mix-language code.

I am trying to use the c_ptr and c_loc of the iso_c_binding module, but a compilation errer is reported: "undefined reference to `iso_c_binding_mp_c_loc_'"

The compile commands I ues are:
ifort -c sub.f90
icc -c main.c
icc main.o sub.o 
And here follows my code.
 module try_ptr
    subroutine test() bind(c)
    use iso_c_binding,only : c_loc,c_ptr,c_int
    implicit none
    type(c_ptr) :: mptr
    integer(c_int) :: mj(10)
    end subroutine test
end module try_ptr

X-code integration


I have installed intel fortran composer 2015 update 3 on my mac which is 10.10.3 and it installed successfully . Then I checked it by ifort myfile.f90 in terminal and it was ok ,  Then i wanted to use ifort in Xcode and there was no option to choose intel fortran ! what else should i do to integrate ifort into xcode ? my Xcode version is 6.3.1 .



Intel Fortran 2015 and MKL95_LAPACK

Hi there,

I recently updated to the 2015 Fortran compiler and I am currently trying to get my source code to compile with the new version. So far I had a catastrophic compiler error which I have managed to resolve, but I am really stuck now!

The previous version of Intel Fortran, 2013 SP1, still had the MKL95_LAPACK module available in <install dir>/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.5.212/mkl/include/intel64/lp64/ but the new 2015 release this module is now not available.

As I am using the specific F95 Lapack functions, what can I do now?

Thanks :)

forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

I have a strange error that I am not sure how to deal with. I have a scientific numerical code that uses multiprocessors to run. If I run on a single process (CPU), the code can run essentially forever. However, when I use multiprocessors, e.g. it crashes after a fixed number of 'iterations' (over a million, which is quite a lot), in this case it runs for a couple of days before crashing with error:

forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

Read Error for binary file with implied/explicit do-loop


I get a strange behaviour at reading a binary file. A simple test case is attached.

If the data from the file is read with an implied-do-loop (line 37) AND the code is compiled in debug (-g), the read is successful and no error is returned.

On the other hand, if the same code is compiled in opt-mode OR if the loop is written explicitly like in line 39-42, an error is returned that the end-of-file is reached.

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