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IPP 7.0


We purchased the IPP SDK from Intel about 3 years ago and built a direct show filter to use the SDK to decode H264 video. We use the SDK as a static library. Our decoder filter is based on the w_ipp-samples_p_7.0.5.059 sample from Intel.

Compiling G729 for PJSIP

Hello Sir/Madam,

I need to integrate G.729 codec with PJSIP project. I am developing Softphone dialers in android and iOS. From PJSIP website I came to know that I need to download some IPP samples and compile it. When I clicked on the link provided by PJSIP, I have seen three different applications

1. Part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE

2. Part of Intel® System Studio

3. Part of Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE)

Out of this three, which one I need to purchase for G.729 Compilation?

It is Possible full HD Recording in IPP 8.0?

Hi. I'm a IPP 7.1 User. Yes.  I know It is old version.

I have a question before getting new version.

My IPP doesn't working on recording full HD image 30fps T.T;;

(It can just recording 15fps.. HD is possible 30fps, but it is not working in over 30fps.)

If if upgrage that, then I can recording? And It is possible recording over 30fps etc. 50fps or 60fps in Full HD or HD?

Full HD image's size is.. about 2M, and HD image's is about 1M.

(No compression, Just RAW image recording)

It is possible then show me example that.

Video is getting swapped when the image is decompressed using Intel Media SDK


   Context: I am using Intel media sdk  to Decompress Image from different camera input(like 1080p, 720p....) at the same time. For each Camera I am using seperate pipe line. Like this I have configured my system in such a way that inputs from different 16 cameras are being decompressed. During Rendering the image, sometimes one camera image is taking the image of all other 15 cameras in a sequential manner. If we stop the pipeline for that camera(programatically) and reinitialize again, issue is not  disappearing also.

Reinstatement of Intel® IPP in-place functions


Some of the users are using the old Intel® IPP releases, and may notice the deprecation warnings on the in-place functions.

After reviewing the feedback from the users, we decided to keep these in-place functions in the Intel® IPP releases.

The deprecation warning was removed since Intel® IPP 8.1 release.  These functions continues to be supported.

Check here to find the new features in Intel® IPP 8.2, and your feedback is welcome on the product. 

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