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Apply Filter on Image Using "In Place"


I know that as a policy you removed all the "In Place" function in Intel IPP.
I'm talking about the Image Processing domain functions.

I was wondering though, what would happen if I send the pointer as destination and source?
Should the current function work? Which might fail?

I'm asking specifically on the Column / Row Filter.
Should it work?
Should other work?
Could you publish a list of functions which should perform correctly in this case?

Thank You.

LZO functions lisence

I have one doubt about LZO compression functions in IPP.
According to IPP reference manual, original library of IPP LZO is code of .
I got LZO code (ver2.09, OpenSource version) and I read the document.

I found below sentences in explanation of LZO.

> The LZO algorithms and implementations are copyrighted OpenSource
> distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Problems with IPP dispatcher in C++ project

We've found that pure C programs linked with the standard ipp library names - eg ipps - can be built on a machine with one hardware profile, and then run successfully on another.

However, binaries compiled with g++ only work on machines with the same processor type as the machine they were built on. They will run, but the just hang with 100% CPU usage.

API for external threading

Hello IPP Team 

in the new release notes you writte:

Intel IPP 8.2 provides a lot of new APIs for one-dimensional (signal processing) and two-dimensional (image processing) functions that support external threading (processing by independent tiles). Several Intel IPP functions combined into a single pipeline that is threaded externally at the application level are significantly more efficient from the performance and power consumption point of view than the sequential call of internally threaded variant of the same functions.

Parallel Image Processing in OpenMP - Image Blocks

Parallel Image Processing in OpenMP - Image Blocks

I'm doing my first steps in the OpenMP world.

I have an image I want to apply a filter on.
Since the image is large I wanted to break it into blocks and apply the filter on each independently in parallel.
Namely, I'm creating 4 images I want to have different threads.

I'm using Intel IPP for the handling of the images and the function to apply on each sub image.

I described the code here:

ipp lead to decrease performance


i have a system with 15 -750 cpu and windows 8.1 and I use IPP8.2 .

my program have a greate number Array Mul ,Div or sqrt.

i write a small code with ipp and use both ippm and ipps for mul array and compare that code performance with my simple array mul.

my code is this:


    Ipp64f* src=new Ipp64f[200]();
    for(int i=0;i<200;i++)
        src[i]=i; // initialize source array with values
    Ipp64f* res=new Ipp64f[200]();

Using IPP in a library

This question may have been asked before, but it's kinda hard to find something using the combination of IPP and Library...

I need to build a Windows library (.lib) for someone and I'm using XE2015 with IPP 8.2. I have built the library here, with 'Using Intel IPP' set to 'Single Threaded Static Library'. I also made a small program to test it, which also needs 'Using Intel IPP' set to the same value, and that works fine.

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