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Not able to install the Cryptographic library on top of composer edition

I had registered the trial version of parallel studio 2015 Update 2 composer edition for windows and downloaded the related crypto package. After installing the composer studio ,when i tried to install the crypto it is telling please install IPP of the same version and then install the crypto and installation doesn't proceed thereafter.

Packages douwnloaded: w_ccompxe_2015.2.179

Crypto pacakge: w_ccompxe_crypto_ipp_8.2.1.148

The crypto installation is very much needed since use checksum methods and we want to profile the performance of MD5 in never version.

how to encode the JPEG line by line(row by row)

Hello All,

Actually, I have implmented the JPEG encoding using Intel IPP libs . Its working for the small images and its not working for the large images. I understood that the problem is with , I am providing the whole Pixel data at a time. But , the large images having the size 15000X15000, 85000X85000 in these cases it will not allocate memory and so its failing . 

Now, I am thinking that I need provide the pixel data row by row. But, How to provide the data row by row and how to write the data to output file row by row.

could anyone help me in this regard.

Tiled IPP YUV422 image resizing results in visual artifacts


I've been implementing tiled resizing using TBB with IPP resizing functions. All works well with the TBB tiled resizing sample code using the newer resizing API in IPP 8.2 update 1 (.e.g. ResizeFilterInit, ResizeFilter). I can divide the image vertically into groups of scan lines and the results are bytewise identical however many scan lines I use as the TBB grain size.

Deprecated domains options in intel IPP 8.2 instllation

Hello All,

we purchased the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 1 Composer Edition for C++ Windows License. While installation I am not getting the Options page to select the deprecated domains. Actually, we are using the Image Compression domains in our code.

could any one suggest in this regard.



How to prevent multi-rate filter from scaling output

I'm using a lowpass filter created with ippsFIRMRInit to upsample a signal by a user definable factor. The output of the filter is scaled roughly (not exactly) proportional to the upsample factor.

Is this expected behavior? If so, how do you determine the correction factor to make the upsampled data look like the original signal?

There's a "doNormal" option for ippsFIRGenLowpass, but there's nothing in the documentation that explains what it does. I tried setting it to both true and false, with no noticeable difference in the output.

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