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c:\>icl demo.cpp


LNK2019: error cannot resolve the external symbol ___intel_new_feature_proc_init,


Only "icl /Od demo.cpp" is OK,that is option /O1 and /O2 and /O3 are compiled incorrectly; What happend to it?Why all options of cl compiler are correct?

My computer's intel processor:

The third generation of Intel core i5-3210M processor core @ 2.50GHz

Step E1

Speed 2.50 GHz (100 x MHz 25)

Number of processors core number: 2 / thread number: 4

Core code Bridge Ivy

Pointer checker feature - Buffer overrun not detected on aligned heap


I am using the pointer checker feature as documented (including chkp.h and compiling with flag /Qcheck-pointers:rw, also refer to in a C++ application on Win 8.1.
The pointer checker works perfectly fine and reports a buffer overrun if I use stack memory or unaligned heap memory (using malloc).
The pointer checker however does not report any overrun if I use aligned heap memory (using mkl_malloc or _aligned_malloc)

Sample code:

Infinite loop - bug?


the do-while loop in the following code segment won't terminate in release mode.

(Windows 7, Visual Studio 2013, ICL version Build 20150407)

unsigned short arr[256];
signed char index = SCHAR_MIN;
do {
	arr[(unsigned char)index] = (unsigned short)index;
} while(index++ < SCHAR_MAX);

Compiled in release mode with:

Replace the gcc by icc, but meet performance problem

Hi, all,

Now our team try to use the icc replace gcc which we have used years. But find the icc compiled executable file performance is bad than gcc.

We use the script generated some small demos to test this, all in the attached test.tar.gz

Test machine CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7-4850 v2 @ 2.30GHz
OS: Centos 6.6
GCC: 4.7.2
ICC: parallel_studio_xe_2015_update3

Intel PS XE Composer 2015 C++ Windows installation


before installing the new c++ compiler I deinstalled the old MS Visual c++ version 10.

Starting icl I got the message: Microsoft Visual C++ not found in path. 

My question: Which free version is available now? Please give me the recommended link to download it.

Thank you.




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