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Question about mkl_?omatadd


The description of mkl_?omatadd function in the manual is a bit confusing:

- parameter m is described as "The number of matrix rows". Which one ? (A, B or C ?) What if I want to transpose A or B ?

- same question about parameter n.

- Why is ldc an output parameter ??

I wanna do this kind of operation "C = alpha*A + beta*B^t".

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OsX 10.10 breaking error through CMAKE



Dear all, 


I am trying to compile Fenics in OsX using intel compilers. 

The new edition to my saga is that CMAKE creates test binaries when testing MKL that can not be killed, and leads to a slow corruption of the system (i.e. fonts go crazy etc). The error is reproducible in a macbook pro retina 2011 and mac pro cylinder 2013. 

The "zombie" is created when Teuchos is testing:


The CMAKE is invoked via hashdist with following parameters

DSS symmetric solve

We have been using the following code compiled with Intell Fortran on Linux clusters linked with MKL for a number of years.  We are trying to update to Intel 15 compilers and MKL 11.2 update 2.  The symmetric solve produces wrong answers using the new compiler and libraries.  The code has not changed.  When we include the symmetric terms and solve it as a symmetric_structure matrix we get the right answers. 

Is any one else having problems with symmetric solves with the current compiler and library?

Load the data into indx, vall, and y_rt ...

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