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Consistent crashes with error -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

I'm trying to use Inspector XE 2013 to track down a data race, but at various points in my application, Inspector exits with what looks like the exception code for an access violation. I'm running it inside Visual Studio 2010, and the application is compiled with Visual Studio 2010.

If I start the application without analysis and later enable it, I find that Inspector will either hang my application (CPU usage drops to 0, no changes in memory usage after half an hour) or exit with the error code, as mentioned above.

Looking in tc_application.log, I can see this:

OPENGL memory leaks

Hello from germany

I have just started with the Intel Inspector and wonder why it throws a lot of memory leak messages referring

to functios as wglCreateContext - wglMakeCurrent and so on.

All these handle were released at program exit, with error checking and everything looks fine.

Additionally it creates the same error multiple times - shows the same line of code..

I would be happy for any explaation or solution

kind regards


Invalid license for Static Analysis - evaluation with Fortran

I have Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 running within Visual Studio 2012. I am trying to evaluate the Static Analysis function of the Fortran. It seems that it requires Intel Inspector XE. I have installed an evaluation copy of Inspector XE. The operation "Build project for Intel Static Analysis" completes without errors and tries to display the results in Inspector XE. The message "Invalid license for Static Analysis" is displayed by Inspector XE. What am I missing? Is some other component needed? The inpector tool can be started stand-alone and show a valid evaluation license.

Fortran : insufficient memory

Dear all,

I have been running my code successfully with my Intel Fortran 10, right now I need to add more allocatable variables and I got an error "insufficient virtual memory". I am sure my computer has enough memory to run this program. Is there a way to change the setting in fortran in some way to make this work? Thanks

Cross-thread Stack Access

I am using Intel Parallel Inspector 2011 on a Windows machine, along with the 11.1 compiler, and receive multiple warnings on stack cross access for my FORTRAN code, which I do not understand.

The FORTRAN code has multiple parallel regions, separated by serial sections. A subroutine REALLOCP is called (once during the execution) in a serial section, in which several global arrays are allocated. These arrays are used later in the progrm in parallel DO loops. The Inspector flagseachaccess to these arrays inallparallel sections with the Stack Cross Access warnings.

Qt Support during Thread Error Analysis

Hi everyone,

we are evaluating Inspector XE and we have made a few successful test runs. However we get a lot of false positives regarding Qt.
Regarding to this site: the inspector should be able detect the Qt-APIs we are using. Although we are also using QMutexLocker, but since this is only a convenient wrapper for QMutex it should be fine.

Error before any memory analysis

I am getting an "Error 255" before Inspector seems to perform any memory analysis on my C program.  I am doing a static compile with C and some Fortran mixed in (icc and ifort) but the same failure happens when I compile dynamically.  The error I get is rather cryptic and I can't find the description of Error 255 in documentation.  I'm quoting the log file below.  Is there something wrong with my program's compile settings?  Valgrind runs on it.  Thanks!


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