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Unexpected "Invalid Memory Access"


Intel Inspector 2015 working at Windows 7 64 bits points me a memory issue "Invalid memory access" that is a kind of strange and may be false positive, but I am not sure and I am looking for someone that could acknowledge it (or negate it:).

The problem touches my COM server ComMemoryIssues, that has a class memoryIssueClass, that provides API method called Multiply - when I call Multiply method, it calls another function called doSth with following body:

Output from Inspector and application together?

I am using Intel Inspector on Windows and it finds some uninitialized reads in command line application.

Now I would like Inspector to output that together with output of my program just like valgrind i.e.

My program: Bla bla.

My program: Bla2 Bla2.

Inspector: Unitialized read ....

My program: Bla 3 bla3

Is that possible?



Result file from Intel Inspector 2015 does not have call stack frames



I have recently migrated from the Intel Inspector 2011 to Intel Inspector 2015 and I started to have problems with the result file that I generate using following cmd line command:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Inspector XE 2015\bin32\inspxe-cl.exe" -report=problems -suppression-file="C:/MySuppresion.sup" -format=xml -result-dir="C:/temp/result" -report-output="C:/temp/result\final_report"

How to set up source files for Intel Inspector 2011 Result file?


i have a problems with Result file of Intel Inspector 2011 Detect Leaks job. The job was ran on one of my testing machines, but I would like to investigate this file locally. The problems comes to the source files - as it was ran on another machine, I don't have an access to these source files at my machine, and when I open results in Intel Inspector XE2011 and try to enter particular memory issue, I can see an erro like this:

Detect Leaks points problem in the the middle of call stack - how to set up suppression file?

Hi everyone,

I have following problem - I run Intel Inxpector XE2011 Detect Leaks, I get several Memory Leak (Allocation site), when I want to dynamically load DLL file. Intel Inspector points to the function in the module, that only calls WINAPI ::LoadLibrary and is innocent (I call it MyInnocent), but not to one that is in fact leaking (I call it guilty function/module).

As an example, I see it as following:

In Problems window I see:

P23 : Memory leak : MyInnocentSrc.cpp : MyInnocentSrc.exe leak_size :

In Code Location I see:


Dear community,

I bought an Inspector 2013 license. In order to be on latest stable update 2015, is it sufficient to merely install the updates for 2013? Does the following hold true? latest_update(Inspector XE 2013) == latest_version(Inspector XE 2015) ?

Thanks for quick reply.


Debugging Functionality in Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition

I am new to using Intel's Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition.  I am used to using Gdb and Valgrind for debugging.  I have just begun using Intel Inspector XE.  I was wondering if there is any capability in the Parallel Studio XE Cluster package to step through parallel programs and investigate/change individual variable values similar to Gdb, as well as, step different processors independently?  I have not been able to find that functionality as of yet.  Thanks!

Internal error in Inspector XE 2016 Beta

Hi there,

I have been using the Inspector XE Beta fairly successfully but on my recent run Inspector reported an internal error and ended the analysis. It also states that I should contact the Intel Support team.

The Inspector reports several data race conditions with 'for__acquire_lun' which I haven't seen before.

I should say that I am working with Fortran on a linux system. I have also created an Intel Premier support issue where I have uploaded the results dir.

integration with VS 2015, no 64-bit version, does not recognize Windows 10

I had installed Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 4 on a Windows 8.1 machine.  Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 worked with Inspector, Amplifier, and Advisor showing up in the VS menu bar.  Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 worked only for Amplifier.  I noticed in the "Program Files (x86)\Intel\VTune Amplifier XE 2015" folder the *.msi files for VS 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015.  However, in the Inspector and Advisor folders I saw only the *.msi files for VS 2010, 2012, and 2013.

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