Intel® Inspector XE

Report Sort Order on Severity


I tried the -sort-asc and -sort-desc on severity.

inspxe-cl -report problems -report-all -format csv -report-output intelinspector_results\report_mi2_000_csv\intelinspector_problems.csv -result-dir intelinspector_results/mi2_000 -sort-asc severity

In this case, the Error appears above the Warnings.

If I change it to -sort-desc severity, the Warnings appears before the Errors.

My question is: is the sorting on severity in alphabetical order?

Criticals < Errors < Remarks < Warnings

Multiple modules with module-filter


I would like to seek clarification to usage of -module-filter option:

inspxe-cl -collect mi2 ... -module-filter module-A,module-B -- <command and arguments>

According to the manual, the above command would report memory errors for both module-A and module-B.

In my environment, the above does not work. It only reports 1 error, instead of a superset of module-A and module-B.

Executable-of-Interest process ID for Problems


We have a Python script running same executable with different parameters. So we set up our command-line:

/opt/intel/inspector_xe_2013/bin64/inspxe-cl -collect mi2 -user-data-dir intelinspector_results -result-dir {at}_@@@ -executable-of-interest <executable> -- /usr/bin/python test_jobs.txt

The Python script will run the executable-of-interest multiple times while the Inspector detects and collects memory error to a single result directory.

Uninitialized memory access

Hi, I am getting an uninitialized memory access error when profiling a C++ code with Inspector XE 2013. I am using 64 bit version  composer_xe_2011_sp1.7.256 to compile the code. The code shows error in line 104 of new_allocator.h.

Call stack for the error is

construct - new_allocator.h:104
push_back - stl_deque.h:1041

         I am trying to push a struct into a std::deque object. The struct is defined as follows

  struct something{

XML observations report only shows first instance of error


I noticed inconsistency in observations report across formats - XML only shows the first stack while TXT shows all instances of any error. For example, there is an error P36 - showing 48 instances in observations.txt, but only shows one in observations.xml


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Inspector XE\bin32\inspxe-cl.exe" -report observations -report-all -format xml -report-output intelinspector_results\report_mi2_000_xml\intelinspector_observations.xml -result-dir intelinspector_results/mi2_000

windows 8.1 support?

In release notes for update 9, it says windows 8.1 support was begun with update 8.  

I submitted the full sources for my case in IPS 6000037395 which reports "waiting for customer" since over 3 weeks ago after I verified that the case works without internal error on win7 on an original core-i7 (running Intel64 mode in both cases).  The initial response, asking for the win7 comparison and sources, was prompt.

Was Windows 8.1 support withdrawn in update 9?

Inspector unable to detect memory leak

I have a function that allocates memory like :

void funcA(void* args)


   char* memory_leak = (char*)malloc(1000);


now I create a thread on this function, which therefore must allocate the mentioned memory, and exit.

My application is multi-threaded and I have created one more thread on this function.

But when I run Intel Inspector on my application, it doesnt show this as a memory leak.

I ran both mi1 and mi2 level of memory analysis but this leak was not detected.

Any ideas ?


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