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Performance issues of Intel MPI on Windows 7 SP 1 with 2x18 cores cpus.

Dear support team,

I have a question about a performance difference between Windows 7 SP 1 and RHEL 6.5.

The situation is as follows:
The hardware is a DELL precision rack 7910, see link for exact specification (click on components):

need to type "Enter" ?

Hi, Everyone,

I am running my hybrid MPI/OpenMP jobs on 3-nodes Infiniband PCs Linux cluster. each node has one MPI process that has 15 OpenMP threads. This means my job runs with 3 MPI processes and each MPI process has 15 threads.

the hosts.txt file is given as follows:


 I wrote the following batch file as follows:

/************** batch file******************/

Intel MPI and I_MPI_EXTRA_FILESYSTEM: How to tell it's on?


I hope the Intel MPI experts here can help me out. Intel MPI was recently installed on our cluster, a cluster that uses a GPFS filesystem. Looking at the release notes I saw that "I_MPI_EXTRA_FILESYSTEM_LIST gpfs" was now available. Great! I thought I'd try to see if I can see an effect or not.

Cannot use jemalloc with IntelMPI


I've tried to bench several memory allocators on Linux (64-bit) such as ptmalloc2, tcmalloc and jemalloc with an application linked against IntelMPI (

Launching any application linked with jemalloc will cause the execution to abort with a signal 11. But the same application, when not linked with IntelMPI will work without any issue.

Is IntelMPI doing its own malloc/free ?
How can this issue be overcome ?



problem when multiple MPI versions installed

Dear all,

I have a problem to launch processes when multiple MPI versions installed. The processes work before I installed latest MPI

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\MPI\>mpiexec -wdir "Z:\test" -mapall -hosts 10 n01 6 n02 6 n03 6 n04 6 n05 6 n06 6 n07 6 n08 6 n09 6 n10 6 Z:\test

However, after I installed MPI, the following errors displayed when I launch mpiexec in the environment of

Aborting: unable to connect to N01, smpd version mismatch


Intel MPI and Supported OS and number of cores per machine

Has intel made a statement as to the last know good version of Red Hat that supports Intel MPI  We have a new cluster with 20 cores/per node and have observed a fortran system call failing when more than 15 core per node are used.  This machine is running Red Hat 6.6 x86_64.

Alternatively are their known conditions where Intel MPI will fail.

Bug Report : MPI_IRECV invalid tag problem

Hi, there,

In MPI_5.0.3, the MPI_TAG_UB  is set to be 1681915906.  But internally, the  upper bound is  2^29 = 536870912, as tested out by the code attached.

Same code will run just fine in MPI 4.0.3.

Just to let you guys know the problem.

Hope to see the fix soon. Thanks.



2-1. Source Code

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to build path automatically

Looks like on Linux the intel MPI runtime hardcodes the path of, eg:
I_MPI_ROOT=/opt/intel/impi/; export I_MPI_ROOT

On windows on the other hand the path is dynamically generated:
SET I_MPI_ROOT=%~dp0..\..

Is there any reason to why the path cannot also be automatically generated on Linux?

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