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This is my first post to the group.

I am not really a software developer, more a learning Network Architect recently working in a HPC-type field. I have become very interested in this field recently and hope to give back to the community as I learn more myself.

I hope someone will be able to provide more info or link to some sites regarding my questions. If you don't have any answers, maybe some suggestions on how I could find the answer out myself...

mpi on Vista 64 mapped drive

Running on a shared memory machine, and in a current directory j:\myprog - where J: is mapped tp c:\users\john\documents, I discovered that all the mpi instances report the current directory as c:\windows\system32. After some hair loss, I tried switching to the canonical directory - c:\users\john\documents\myprog - and it works. It also works if I use -wdir to specify the canonical directory, but not if I use the mapped drive with -wdir.

Is this a bug?


how to send a structure with a pointer variable as one of its members..

for eg, i've to send the following structure

struct sample


int a;

char *b;

struct sample *l,*r;


can u pls tell me how to send the atructure like one above,in MPI.

How to use the Intel Trace Collector(ITC) in non-MPI Application

Dear whom it may concern:

I have tried to trace socket communication in distributed application
using the Intel Trace Collector(ITC) 7.2
But, I feel hard because I can't consult some example(or guide)
sources(or projects) for socket communication.

So, ifsomeone hasa example or usage, addition information(except
Reference Guide) of socket communication using ITC, please send me the files.


I would greatly appreciate your prompt reply

Sincerely Louis

MPI process interactive start-up and fault tolerance

I am relatively new to MPI programming.

I am wondering how I can start up each process manually within the same MPI communicator world space.

In addition, when only a single process fails, how can this be detected and relaunched automatically, without crashing the other processors and the host?

Hope somebody can advise on this two issues. Thanks

Problems with Trace Collector

I'm trying to build trace for a program using Trace Collector, but I'm getting such error:

mpicc test.o -L$VT_LIB_DIR -lVT $VT_ADD_LIBS -o build/test.out
/opt/intel/itac/ In function `VT_IPCThreadLevel':
/nfs/isv/disks/sv-ssg_dpd_pdsd-mpi_users/dyulov/testing/ITAC/ITAC_P_7_2_0_05/ict/tracing/vampirtrace/src/generic/VT_ipc.c:(.text+0x316b): undefined reference to `PMPI_Query_thread'

Could you please tell me where the problem could be?

The program itself is very simple and not using ITC API.

Simple HelloWorld with Intel 11 (Fortran and C/C++)

I am trying to create a simple helloworld.for and to prove my Intel 11 compiiler is correctly installed on my RedHat linux box but get the following errors:

ld: cannot find -limf

ifort helloworld.for
ld: /opt/intel/Compiler/11.0/074/bin/lib/for_main.o: No such file: No such file or directory

Any idea what is going on? I can get these working finr with the old version 10 compiler.


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