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3D polylist?

The online help file hints the 3D polylist, but only find a 2D xml example. I canot find related documentation on syntax for writing 3D polylist. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Does IAV works with cluster studio 13 + MSVS 2010?

Dear IAV users and intel,

I just figured there is a visualizer today. But I download it and installed on my 64bit windows 7 machine, I can't use it when debugging.

I tried the "fix" method (unreg and reg all intel program with MSVS). I found there is a grey item in the debug menu, but it is grey all the time.

Does anybody know how to make it work?


Compaq visual fortran 6.1A+Compaq array visualizer 1.1A (x86)

I am using a computer W7 64 bits

whenever I try to execute a fortran routine, using Compaq visual fortran 6.1A (x86) and including graphical calls to Compaq array visualizer 1.1A (x86), such as ‘call faglStartWatch , call faglShow ‘, I encounter no difficulty in compiling and linking the routine but the graphical calls to Compaq array visualizer 1.1A (x86) are not executed and it ends with no error message; only the status parameter final value points to an error

Intel Array visualizer & intel Composer XE 2011 in debug mode

Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to use intel array visualizer with intel composer XE 2011 in debug mode. I already read a few post on this forum about this problem and i have learned that Intel Visual fortran must be install after iAV. I aslo try it but it doesn't work. It seems a repair tool exist to fix this problem, but I can't find it. Any idea ?

For information, my configuration is :

Examples Needed Showing How to Use the AvGrid Control in IVF

Due to IVFs disappointing inability to properly use the
Compaq Array Visualizer and its ActiveX control, I've downloaded and installed
the Intel Array Visualizer 3.3. I've built all of the included FORTRAN
examples, but I haven't found any that use the AvGrid Control in a Dialog. If I
missed these examples, please direct me to them.

error in h5 file

when saving an h5 file having several heightplots (contour plots) I noticed that the transform origin and size in the z direction is not properly saved if the values are small; they are fine when executing the FORTRAN code.My data is neutron cross-sections that are sometimes ~.002 and sometimes 10-24; the exponential forms are not saved correctly. If I put the proper values back in by hand in the viewer, it works, but even after saving the proper valuesare not retained.

either scale - or start over; can't figure out either

I am a new AV user. I am using VS2010, Inel Fortran 12.1, and AV 3.3. My code is doing a series of 3D graphs. What I want to do is toss out the first set of graphs and build a new set with each loop. However, avClose doesn't really close. So, as an alternative I rebuild the arrays and avUpdate them. That works, but the scaling from the first graph is retained and the second graph is literally off the page (I can rotate it and see it in the heavens).

1) how can I really close this thing down and start over within my loop?

Run fortran quick on computer without installed Array Visualizer

Hi,i just finished a fortran quick win application which has a graphical output (array viewer). Now i want to use this application on another computer with windows xp. The program runs fine but the grapic does not open (array viewer is not installed on this computer). Because i want to give the program to several friend it would be great if it would nit be necessary that everybody has to install the Array visualizer.I allready copied the Array Viewer Distributables into C:/windows/system32 and into the debug folder of the program but it doesnotstill work.

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