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how to call intel array from CVF 6.6?

i think this question was not answered but it is important to someone that have CVF 6.6 and has not bought the latest IVF....

I compiled the AVFRT.F90, which is located in the include directory, inorder to generate a .LIB, however it is not working.

I started a new console project, with sine2d.f90 sample codeand AVFRT.LIB and AVOBJMOD.LIB.

itdid not wok....and gave...

simple question using array visualizer w/ visual studio

I have recently switched from compaq visual fortran and I'm running intel visual fortran via microsoft visual studio pro 2003. CVF allows you to view arrays directly during debug mode. (I'm not sure how the compaq array viewer obtains the array information) I'd like to set up something similar using IVF, visual studio, and IAV. Can anyone provide a simple way of doing this?


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simple question

I was trying to use array viewer by right clicking the name of vector and choosing view array. But I don't know how to view the array in xy plot, where x takes the indexes. It seems the default setting doesn't do that automatically. Thanks for helps. Leo
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