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Intel® System Studio 2014 now available! - New supported platforms and OSs

Intel® System Studio 2014 provides deep hardware and software insights to speed-up development, testing and optimization of Intel-based IoT, Intelligent Systems, mobile systems and embedded systems. Intel® System Studio 2014  has added exciting new features such as Tizen* IVI and Android* target support, Windows* host support, enhanced Eclipse* integration & cross-build, system-wide analysis, and more.

Product Contents

The product contains the following components

New Intel Premier Support

The New Intel(R) Premier Support (IPS) is coming August 19th

We are excited to announce the launch of a new version of Intel® Premier Support that replaces the existing Intel Premier Support web site and contains many new features and an updated user interface as highlighted below.  The new tool will allow improved collaboration both internally and externally, providing more efficient issue resolution and a better end user experience for customers like you.   

Preparation Activities

Whether is there plan for ISS for Android on Mac OS X host?


Whether is there any plan for ISS for Android on Mac OS X host, especially VTune Amplifier for Android? Because currently, almost all Android developers are working for Android and iOS at same time, and they are using Mac OS X as host, whether should we engage them to use ISS as their familiar environments?

Thanks a lot!


Library compatibility between GNU and WindRiver

Building a POSIX multi-thread C code application targeting Atom E6xx, running a pre-built (board-vendor supplied kernel) WindRiver Linux (to be completely clear , we are not building the kernel, only the application)

Using Fedora 14 to perform application builds using GNU gcc ver. 4.5.1.

Application uses only std GNU/Linux calls. Application uses POSIX thread libs.

Application currently runs correctly on the Atom processor board, running the vendor supplied WR Linux.

Compiling for Windriver Linux 4.3

In the Intel System Studio document, "Using Intel C++ Compiler for Embedded System", on page 2, it is stated that the SDK and SYSROOT must be built. We have been building our app (targeting WR Linux 4.3 on E6xx Atom) using gcc, with no reference to a sysroot. We are using a vendor provided kernel.

I do not fully understand what the connection to sysroot is (only what is stated in the above doc, i.e., it is a folder that contains glibc  and header files) - for what, I would like to ask???

yocto project tachyon_inspxe example

1)  Following the instructions in the document "How to use Intel Inspector 2013 for Systems", to set up and run the tachyon thread analysis example. In the Cross compiling section, it states to modify the make files. For the top-level Makefile, states to remove the line containing CXX. This appears to leave the Makefile with no spec of compiler (CXX = gcc originally). This doesn't seem correct, or is it???

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